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Something interesting written in a 1978 kite book




I bought Tsutomu Hiroi's book 'Kites: Sculpting the Sky' (1978) for a couple bucks off Amazon. All the info I could find on him is his birth year (1925) and a website that states his book "... is one of the first to take kites seriously as art objects. Both sculptor and teacher, Hiroi writes about the tradition of Japanese kites, yet his own kites are flying sculptures made in modern materials. Hiroi is one of the original founders of the Japan Kite Association". -drachen.org

He signed this book in 1979, which came with pamphlets about Washington kite events. I wonder if he did a book signing in Washington, or someone ran into him at a festival? I can upload the pamphlets if anyone is curious.


Can anyone translate what he wrote in this book?

Does anyone have any info on Tsutomu?



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Cool, looks like you got a collectible.  The first line of Japanese is a phonetic spelling that sounds out as Eugene Freeman. I was not able to find any information on him either, although there is a Peggy Freeman listed as a contact for the Southern Oregon Kite Festival on the WKA event calendar. Not sure what the character that looks like an "a" is. Could just be an English A for a middle initial. "san" roughly translates as Mr. but is gender neutral. I am assuming the characters above "Tsutomu Hiroi" is his Japanese name. This is coming from someone who took a couple years of Japanese in high school and had to look up a character chart because I forgot most of it though.  

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