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KiteLife magazine's "Flying with Intent" really helped me when I read it a few years ago.  At that point in time I was struggling to just trying keep the kites in the air.  While I still remain a flailer at heart, it helped me along the path & encouraged me to make real progress.  When I applied intent it gave me some direction that was missing from my prior efforts.  I need to go read it again.

Many Thanks, SHBKF


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You see I do fly with intent. But it is different intent to what JB is saying. It is like my own free will of intent. I can still put the rev where ever in the sky I like. But it bores me when having to draw shapes in the sky. My style is high impact, from here to there in a flash. Then stops and hovers in your face then POW, outta there in a flash. Then before you know it BANG, its back in your face! That style is more eye catching to people over here than just drawing squares, diamonds, circles....

Because I learnt to fly in urban situation (winds are way less than ideal). I have learnt to make my own wind when required.

I tried flying with intent in that video because wind was clean. BUT to do that in urban situation with precision very poor wind only makes me look BAD!.....lol

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I feel and agree with most, but just for debate - I do a lot of the same thing, but my output works in patterns so it's still "move-bang-move-zip-spin" often at fast speeds, but the geometry within and between those points is more formulaic / patterned - it's also based heavily on inertia, or how a kite's weight wants to move when finishing any particular maneuver. :) 

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I get ya Frankie. I really like your style. I feel the article was written to help give direction to novice fliers like me. While I have advanced a bit it still helps me to focus my efforts. Intent is still important for my Rev flying plus I am involved with many other types of kites as well. So I use the thought across the spectrum. Your videos are inspiring to me. I am flying short line urban type flying more & more as I find it works well for my local inland condition. Plus I really get a kick out of it. Keep flyin, SHBKF

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As an instructor I work with all kinds of fliers, and I've pretty much identify them in some of the following "psych" groups (these have very little to do with actual pilot skill)...


Likes flying, wants to know enough to for basic competence but isn't really interested in learning a lot.


"Just trying to get control", no real intent, mostly continual correction in response to the kite's semi-random movements, like riding a wild horse, basically they just haven't made "the decision" to specifically learn and progress on certain aspects.


More obviously animated fliers (kite and body), often pretty good control but you can see the range of movements are tailored toward a feeling, a kind of expression, more than precision. Sometimes this "caps" the growth though, because there is a subtle belief that learning or focusing more will somehow compromise their personal integrity and style, which is a personal choice.


Often skilled, but it feels like watching a robot moving around the sky, not much feeling pushed into the movements or style, focused more on pure execution.


The main trait is simply wanting to do everything, better. Every aspect from intent to precision, tricks to team, any and all additional parts of the big picture. Often more feeling or "oomph" in the movements, varied style but almost always an eye toward structure within the expression - often much more compact, powerful body movements and relatively indifferent to wind speeds (high or low).


Now bear in mind, that's all subjective, and no person is a fixed rule... Just generalizing here. ;)

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I don't look at the climb either otherwise I would of been to summit of Everest and back many times. I fly for therapy. When I fly I don't feel like I have a brain injury. I am free, free from my disabilities. My mind enjoys the freedom of flight. Then having to put limitations on the freedom to be structured, precise, squares, keeping parallels and verticals only takes that freedom away. Don't miss what I'm saying. YES I agree 110% with what you are saying.

Maybe due to my injuries my brain works different to others. I don't know.

My style is slowly changing as I become a better pilot.^_^

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