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Some December Flying with the Enigma UL...



I got a surprise in the mail early this Fall, a demo kite from a new builder, the Enigma. Sadly, I had very little time to fly this Fall, and when I did sneak out for a fly, the wind didn't cooperate. Well, that was until recently... I got out in some low wind and almost pulled out one of my favorite SULs, but figured I would see how the Enigma would perform in winds around 2mph. I was happily surprised to find myself flying pretty easily in those low winds, the Enigma just hung in there, seemingly defying gravity.

I am looking forward to getting more time flying this kite, with only a couple hours on the lines so far, I am still learning it's inputs and haven't explored the many available adjustments. So far, predictable & stable are the words I would use to describe it... more later after I've flown it more !





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53 minutes ago, SHBKF said:

Your flying has always mesmerized me.  It's a perfect blend of style & skill.  Wow is insufficient.  Thanks Master,  SHBKF

Thank you, Ralph... I'm still working on getting the feel of this one, but it is so stable, it's the opposite of twitchy, whatever that may be. I really like it ! If you look around on that 'other' site, you'll find a video of the Enigma flown in more wind by someone with some great skills. Keep your eyes open for these to hit the market, they're a must have !

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2 hours ago, John Barresi said:

"Other site"...

Link should be alright?

Oh, sorry about that... old school forum etiquette. :lol:



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Early morning, the house is quiet, the crow caws as I drink my coffee & watch Krijn fly the Enigma in higher winds.  Clarity of thought while all is well & I achieve some insight for my perception.  Flying in light wind is more graceful.  It calms my soul.  Each time you fly the world of wind is a bit different & the kite shows it well.  Higher winds have always excited me but the light wind is subtle & magical when you gently play in the sky.

Just out here in the woods,  SHBKF

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11 hours ago, RobB said:

Oh, sorry about that... old school forum etiquette. :lol:

I appreciate the thought, but KL is all for supporting boutique kite makers - I only wrinkle my nose when shops that don't support KL get plugged, but even then I don't usually drop the hammer. ;)

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I really should hang out here more :)  Renewed my membership to KL and all. Have been a dualie for like ever.  Recently have been thinking a bit about quads, who knew? :o  JB teaches a great flying workshop. B)  Everyone should attend one or two...

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46 minutes ago, stapp59 said:

Recently have been thinking a bit about quads, who knew?

I saw a photo of one of your quad builds somewhere recently, gorgeous match with your Enigma...

Post it around here somewhere, folks would likely enjoy it. :)

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Steve... good to see you here ! Post some close-ups of the details you put into that awesome quad. I really like the way you took care of the leading edge and the top pocket of the verticals. 

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