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Changing Perspective



I've decided to take all of the perspective kites (Except for The Jester) and finish the individual panels.. I'll mix and match those to make 5 or six kites (maybe even 7) and fly as a stack for a bit..

By finishing them all at once I can ensure they are identically sized and with same aspect ratios. So the panels will progress but no finished kites until I'm ready to finish them all. This was the strategy for the Spectrum Stack and it worked well for me.. Otherwise I tend to have slightly different sizes and aspect ratios.  Keep in mind I don't use a pattern and these kites don't have a fixed size except for LE length..  While this makes for great kites to explore flying characteristics, it's not a good thing for stacking those same sails.. More to follow on perspective soon.. Have to wait for some more materials to get here.




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