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Different moods of winter - Wide wind window tricking in light winter winds




Mars 2018, ITW Kymera 25m lines

One, lately a bit rare , pre-work session on a piece wise slippery field. This morning offered a sun dog scenery along with a faint halo.

My current DLK main focus is to get the flic flac going/start/getting a tiny bit reliable. Considering that the FAs are not 100% it is actually more than one thing that is being practiced in parallel. Sometimes even one rung of a JL just happens to come out of it (typically if the light pop when flared was uneven and you happen to end up in a turtle). It is kind of a continuation of last springs "tricking en masse" (~keep the kite unstable and let it tumble around without the lines getting tangled) project, but perhaps/hopefully some more intent shows though.
This focus (and also the, to date, three quarter of year of QLKing) means that other tricks get less attention, so I guess that (if the above would get successful), the next project could be to make earlier tricks (now more neglected) to co-exist  - all available simultaneously.

First image: Notice the sun dog and a faint halo around the sun.
Second and third image: I like the mood of the greenish toned winter. In addition the green themed Kymera goes well along with it. However I can't say if the reddish or the blueish image from the same session is the truest one.

Beginner flic flac problems:

  • Feet stopping when they should be running downwind typically during the flare after the first fade.
  • Sometimes the kite just gets towed instead of exiting the fade (to flare) - it is getting rarer now though.
  • Sometimes the short tug that ends the flare is un-even and "un-planned tumbling" is initiated.
  • Not really knowing the details to look for or feel that should trigger the movements when doing the trick (but I just recollected the hint about looking for the spine in http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/8554-zephyr/?do=findComment&comment=69059 , so that is something to try).


Sad news: my Infinity starts to get worn.

Good thing: In the often light winter winds the green (for some reason I currently seem to fancy green) ITW Kymera is a good option for the flic-flac training. Even though the Infinity was the kite that first allowed me to do a few flic-flacs, the Kymera allows me to get the same training in somewhat lighter winds.

These finger straps are OK once when they are on, but it is tricky with gloved hands to get fingers in since the straps have a tendency to go flat. The now not so cold weather allows the easiest approach to get the finger straps on and off - just take the gloves on/off when before/after the walk of shame/contemplation.


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Love the image showing the sun dog.  Most times when I show a sun dog to someone they have never heard of one or noticed the beautiful sight in the sky.  Look up & view the glory I say, the sky is half our world.  SHBKF

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