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The Pattern Emerges



Just a short <90 second clip to share how I get to see the Diamonds pattern emerge from a striped sail each time. This is when I get to truly see the stage I call the "mock up" and is the first real indicator of how the final kite will appear.. Until this point the pattern is truly just in my head.



The Layout from the initial stripes isn't a mockup. it allows me to see the color mix but not the actual placement of segments. This difference is far more prevalent when the color count is higher than 3..

A great example of this difference can be shown with the Feeling Gray sails, The Layout doesn't show the real pattern of the sails as they begin to take shape. The real trick to these builds is taking the stripes and de-conflicting the colors in your plan to prevent two diamonds of the same color from ending up side by side.





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