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Crazy Quilt.

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Going off of the look of the Scrapestry, I decided to use the new batch of scraps to do an all color kite.. Some of the scraps were neutral White and Charcoal but I based the placement on the size of the scraps and not the color.  Crazy Quilt has begun..




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5 hours ago, Paul LaMasters said:

that's the back of the sail, correct?... with the white as a top layer

Every panel light, dark etc.  has two edges frontside and 2 edges backside. It's a balance.. it shows more right now due to no sewing being accomplished yet.

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@Paul LaMasters

I know where you are coming from aesthetics wise and you are right.. Consider here though,  I'm looking at the minor differences in airflow where a lap that goes with the airflow like a scale will be restricted less than a lap that has an edge along with the stitching..

With this many panels (close to 180), I might be able to incur different coefficients of drag depending on wind direction in the sail aspect.. Just starting this exercise. The Hive had a very slight forward bias. There should be slightly more drag than normal when inverted. I'm hoping that very minor difference emphasizes the feel of the sail in the inverted position. This one is more of an overall balance but with an angular bias from center along the diagonals outward and downward.  I'm hoping to channel the air differently and learn more of the aerodynamics affected.  

There aren't too many people that would be able to tell the difference but you would for sure.. Really hoping to get together sometime and get your honest opinion of some of my refinements after flying them.

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I truly try to learn more and more with every sail. Ones like this which I'm doing for me, I can play much more widely with the variables..  I don't want all of my sails to fly the same. I want each one to have its own personality.

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