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I've been asked about what I use to do particular things for kite making.  Thought it'd be a good opportunity to share a quick overview of pretty much everything I use.  Some are more obvious than others.

My kite making tools..
I use a sewing machine (obviously)
2 - 6' Long Metal rulers
2 - 3' Long Metal Rulers
1 - 18" Ruler (metal)
1 - 12" Ruler (metal)
A Fiskars Rotary cutter.
A Paper Cutter (Office Style)
The normal assortment of Scissors (Including a heavy duty pair for cutting plastic) Masking Tape, Double-Sided Tape, A Dremel tool for cutting spars and these two pieces of Lumber.

All my strips, diamonds, LE, Mesh etc are made on these two boards..20190113_153043.jpg20190113_153624.jpg


One is also my updated Bridle Board. The other board is my full template for LE's (including Fold protection and wear strips. I have another marked out  72" LEs and another for 96" LEs.  I also have an industrial style metal hole punch I use to punch the holes for the bungees.20190113_155435.jpg

These tools are pretty much the entirety of what I use to make a kite.

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