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> With absolutely no help from my able assistant.

I think that even if the cat would be in the way lying on the ripstop, consider it a success if it keeps its claws in.

> I tried to fly in the backyard and had moderate success with the light wind glider kite …        …I’m sure the neighbors found it amusing watching me stumble around the backyard with a kite string in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

Working at home most of the days I often use the low morning and evening wind on the sheltered parking close to my home. This wind is quite free from turbulence and quite suitable for my Rev Indoor and B-series std sometimes. And yes of course it is an odd activity that no one else is doing here and is fully visible by the neighbours and other people passing. There are few pandemic related mandatory restrictions here so I could go to a field or the beach if I wanted to, but the parking just happens to be so close.

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