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Overkill and Getting up the hill




Those who know me know I can't pack small no matter how hard I try.. Rogallo Festival is this weekend. First big event since the pandemic. Lots of kites to fly, lots of stuff to try BUT, Jockey's Ridge does have one downside.. IT is not the most accessible site to fly at. Closest parking is at Kitty Hawk Kites across the street but that's a long ways to carry 4 kite bags, Umbrella/chair/canopy/cooler/camera equipment etc.  As much as I want to carry "everything" it just isn't in the cards. FWIW, Climbing the dune empty handed will leave you out of breath most of the time. Carrying gear takes it up a few levels. Likely 2 kite bags, Canopy chair and one case of electronics to document the event. Fortunately, the Jockey's Ridge Park Rangers do give our equipment a good ride up the dune and we do packing/unpacking and setup. I Will be going through my thoughts this week as I prep for this event.. Today's activities:

-Repairs if/where needed (Have one ferrule to re-glue that I know of)
-Charge all Batteries (GoPro, Nocqua, Video Glasses, etc.)
-Consolidate personal playlist and place on USB Drive to hand to KiteBus
-Identify line sets that need to be equalized
-First check projected conditions
-Identify other items to go. (requested items like Bridles/bridle line/spar sets etc..)
-Stuff that's going but not up the hill, laptop, chargers etc..






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