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Better than not Flying at all...




Happy belated New Year, Kiteheads !

Yup... not the best day to get out & fly, but it left a smile on my face for the rest of the day, anyway. It was a dreary day, about 40*. Not terribly cold, but... you know, that cold damp kinda day. The wind seemed to be blowing... well, it was, from 3 different directions and ranging in speed from 0 to 15 mph. I didn't realize this until I had set everything up and tried to get off the ground. Within minutes, there was a lull that lasted at least 5 minutes... Just stand there and wait. I'm all ready committed to this. Luckily, the wind came back, but 90* from it's original direction. Then back. Then the other way... Well, at least I got some flying in. 







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7 hours ago, BrianS said:

Thanks for posting the video, Rob. I love the axel-to-side-slide move. Just so you know, I'm totally going to steal that if I can figure out how to do it... :)

Work on the stationary stall, snap stall... then axel to a stall. A side slide is a stall that moves.... sideways. I frequently practice dual line 'hovering', see how long I can make the dual line kite look like a Rev.

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On 1/19/2016 at 9:05 PM, John Barresi said:

You can also beat it to death (practice-wise) by repeating that axel-stall-pause-axel-stall-pause sequence and playing with the float or inertia of the stall. :)

I have practiced that to death, but I do credit that practice to learning the cascade.


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