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Cold & Dreary...




Winter isn't so bad here... I just wish the sun would come out more. 34* F and a 8mph breeze keeps most people away from the beach. I think I saw 5 people in the 3 hours I was there this morning. 3 hours of peace & quiet, enjoying the solid on-shore winds... I could've stayed longer but the urge to eat & find a bathroom won out in the end.  :lol:



The Ultrafoil 15 got tied off to a memorial bench. I flew it nice & low so I could practice flying the Rev next to it. It's great fun to steal the wind from the SLK, watch it fall, then regain it's shape and soar up again.



The other kites of the day... the SkyBurner XXL and Mid-Vent Rev. The mesh hasn't totally torn out on the Mid-vent, there might be a few more good flights in it before it gets retired to the repair pile.



Still working on flying the Rev with one hand... not much progress in that, once I get too high, I freak out and have to land quickly.


I get about this high, and have to land before getting too far out of control. I've been thinking about linking the handles together with a cross of some sort in order to make 1 handed flying easier... I wonder if that's been done all ready ?





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For indoor Rev flying one handed - Penny L. has a custom handle. You steer by pulling on the lines. Everyone I've seen flying Revs one handed outside, puts both handles in one hand. Of course a few can fly 2 revs at the same time - ie, Stevie D, Bazzer, Paul D, as examples. I'm just glad to fly one!!!

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Hey Wayne... I wonder if Penny's handle is anything like this...



Sorry the drawing is kinda crude... just a quick Paint sketch. The red 'cross' would hold the Rev handles together, and you'd grab it at the center. You'd use your wrist to give all four inputs. I think it would work, and I would be surprised if it hasn't been done all ready !

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It sounds like with one-handed flying, you are trying to start from the ground.  I find that launching one-handed is not the easiest thing to do.  Have you tried starting in the air?  What I mean is, flying with two hands, get the kite in a stable hover in the upper half of the wind window.  Then bring your two hands together so the handles are almost touching while keeping the kite stable.  Then transfer one handle to the other hand and try to keep that hover.  If things start to go south, keep the empty hand nearby to grab the handle back.  Good luck.  

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I've tried both ways, I don't know why I feel more comfortable closer to the ground. I don't have trouble getting the kite to launch... it's when the kite starts to fly that I start to have trouble !   :lol:

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Nope - not like that! More like 2 handles welded together at the bend. That's still not descriptive enough though. More like 2 "v"s, top and bottom, with a single shaft (for your one hand) in between! Without a pic, hard to explain - hope it helps!

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