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Heading into summer.




Down here in Oz we have just turned the corner into Summer and I'm hoping to be out a lot more during the daylight than I have been. Where I live we have this belting Easterly that comes rushing down the escarpment making a Vented sail pretty much the only option. Then tapering to NOTHING around midday giving the SUL and Indoors a go. Then early evening "the doctor" comes in to provide some respite from the heat and lends itself to Standards/Mids. Literally an entire bag could be used in the space of 24 hours. 

Due to work and family commitments I find myself mostly flying at the "unholy hours" of early morning. 2 or 3am is nothing new. Quiet. Peaceful for sure. Lonely, you bet. Not many flight buddies at that time. It does open up some opportunities that normally wouldn't be there during daylight hours. Shopping centre carparks are empty. Playgrounds and basketball courts are vacant. Shadow flying on great big walls using the floodlights is immensely satisfying. Always scouting for the next "after hours" site. 


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