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Geoff's Story



While driving down the freeway I spotted someone flying a Revolution kite at Riverview Park. I had to stop to meet this person. His name is Geoff, he purchased his first quad line kite after seeing my "First Flight" video on youtube. Geoff drove to Riverview Park in hopes of running into me, using his kite as a signal in the sky. We have kept in touch for a few months and in that time he made his own kite! We are putting together measurements for new kite designs. An Arizona kite making community is born. 2016 is going to be a great year!

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Hey, that's me!

Here it is over two years later, I finally joined this forum, and I was searching for the word "Arizona" in hopes of finding new places to fly!  Let's get back in touch.  I've made a few more kites in the meantime, we need to get out there and try them out, wind willing...

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