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I Wait All Year for a Day Like This !




February in New York can bring a huge variety of weather conditions... Of course, in the dead of winter, we get the expected freezing temperatures and snow, sometimes it's just grey, wet & generally nasty. And then there are the days like today, the calm before the next storm... 40*, bright sunshine, and a gentle onshore breeze, not enough to make you cold. 


I started out with the Skyburner XL, as the wind was over 5mph when I first got there.


It's kind of a crazy spot to fly, as the lines stretch almost all the way across the available dry sand, so most of the flying is done over the water. It can get a bit fun when the wind decides to die down, because the last thing you want to do is to put a kite down in the fast moving water. Almost guaranteed disaster for the kite...


So, the winds did quickly die down to almost nothing. I went from the XL (more wind) to the Rev full sail (good in ~3mph wind) to the Snow Devil (good to about 1mph) to finally the Skyburner ProDancer. The ProDancer is comfortable to fly in a breeze that's too low to be measured, even in winds that low, it is very little work to keep it in the air. I stepped right up to the edge of the water & flew over the water for a good long time. I had to appreciate this, as I've been waiting since last winter for a day like today...



Another interesting kite came out to play at the beach today, but I think this guy was probably a little cold...




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Some video ? Yes, I had the GoPro, but unfortunately didn't have enough battery for the xtra low wind flying over the water at the end. I was so disappointed when I downloaded it, that was the best part of the day. The rest of these clips are just pretty much me struggling to keep the kites flying in the dying wind. If you skip to the last minute (or can stand to watch it that far), you'll be able to see how narrow this little spit of land is. It would be pretty easy to accidentally back up into the water while flying !




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