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Light Wind Flying in the Windy Month....




Crazy thing, March is known for being pretty windy, and has been, except for when I get a chance to fly. The last two Sundays have been just about dead calm. Nice & warm, almost getting too hot all ready. 

Oh well, I take what I can get, and light wind flying is one of my favorite flying disciplines. Everything is nice & slow, there's almost too much time to think about what you're doing. It's important to have a 'true SUL' kite for this type of flying. A trick SUL could fly, but it would be a lot of work to keep it in the air, and you really need some amount of wind to do most tricks. 'True SUL' kites are easier to get flying, but really difficult to do many tricks. My favorite, the ProDancer SUL frustrates me because I can really only do one trick, the Axel. Maybe a wonky 1/2 axel, some of the time. 

Anyway... I got some video that shows a lot of the kite & pilot. I thought it might be interesting to those who like low wind flying, it will certainly be boring to those who like fast-paced tricking, Power Kiting, or Speed Kites !






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Rob, thanks for inspiring me to get a Sky Burner Pro Dancer SUL.  It is my darling & increased my kite flying skills in so many helpful ways.  I've done some pretty crazy flying with mine & I swear it even flew backwards one time.  Hoping the Nirvana WW will be the next step in light wind adventures.  We'll see shortly,  SHBKF

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