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So what’s been flying lately?



I have flown many different kites in the past few years.  I would like to think that they were all logical choices for my place on the path at the time.  Some were chosen with my limited knowledge as the next great thing & others were purchased with raw emotion and/or true randomness.

Thanksgiving week I stayed at a beachfront campsite where I could actually step out the door & launch a kite in my front yard.  It was less than a hundred steps to cross the dunes & stand on the shore.  That is likely to be as good as it’s ever going to get.  So first up was the Sky Burner Widow Maker standard.  Opened up my little Prism fanny pack & big surprise.  Did not bring my go to line sets for a couple of the dualies I planned to fly.  But I did have enough variety & came to the realization that I could borrow pairs of lines from the many quad line sets that were in the Rev Roll-up bag.  Flew the WM for a bit but the wind was little light for my taste so I switched to the Sky Burner Solus EC ultra-light.  That is the only kite I have ever custom ordered.  I think it’s a real beauty.  It is the same color scheme as the one in the Sky Burner promotional video I first viewed before I ordered it.  The big kite has a few Prismatex panels & is gorgeous glowing in the sunlight flashing colors across the sky.  Saw a few people stop & stare momentarily. 

Flew mostly on 90# x 65’ lines as there was limited space to fly kites.  Either the tide was up or the beach was busy with tourists like me.  Wind came from the North or Northeast so it was blowing down the length of the beach most of the time.  At night it usually blew faintly from the South.

 Other dual line kites flown that week were the Pro Dancer SUL, the Prism 4D, the Sky Sport Design Sea Devil Light & Tekken DOA SUL .  Two days were strong winds & the rest were zero to light.  On the strong wind days, probably 15 mph +, I flew the Revolution 1.5B full vent & a Shook Mesh 75%.  Flew the Rev 1 & the Zen also but on the lighter wind days.   I will comment more about actually flying the kites later.


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