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SS Great Britain

John Barresi



This was from 2008... YouTube stripped the audio out of it and I'm re-posting the Facebook version so folks can see (hear) the original as it was meant to be. ;)





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Wow!  I feel you need to be an experienced Rev flier to really understand & appreciate what's going on in this video.  If this doesn't inspire you to fly short lines then get out and fly intermediate lengths until you are ready for some fast paced flyin!  I love this stuff.

I am humbled, SHBKF

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End of the day, it's time on the lines, but nobody taught me this style of flying...

I wanted to do more, wanted to fly when nobody else was able to fly, do things that no one else has done.

That fires me up still...

And now, I'm in the even more stimulated by showing others how to replicate this, to shorten the learning curve.

I'm here to tell you, once you've got the "Rev 101" knowledge that I've discovered and assembled for my clinics and lessons, being able to whip out a Rev on 30' in the street in front of your house is something almost anyone can do without necessarily having to run around or even break a serious sweat.

Half the time folks are actually handicapped before they even start due to tuning, lack of understanding of frame / flex dynamic, uneven lines, etc, etc... In most cases when I encounter a new student (novice or experienced), we go through a "strip down" to reset or refine these details - almost without fail, their experience is changed completely even without having learned new skills yet.

Thanks for the props, glad to be paying it forward. :)

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June 10th, 2018  Revisiting this thanks to Exult.  I am still amazed at the total connection.  It just makes you want to do it.  SHBKF

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I have played this video many times with and without music to try to figure out the various parts of what is happening. One of the things I've looked for is when the feet are not moving much to figure out how to low wind pilot as economically as possible. It seems to coincide with having the kite in a close to horizontal gliding position. I have also looked for the same thing in:


As @SHBKF says, this is a highly inspirational video for trying really short lines in no/low wind. Ohh, did I happen to say that last sentence? What are the excuses now not to make a ~4m line set (hardly the cost of the line material) and leave the house early in a windless morning heading for a no witness forest glade and try to do a first QLK 360deg?

Yes finally, the "SS Great Britain" video made me think of the Fred Astaire dance with the hat/coat rack, just replace the rack with a QLK in the first half of the below video:


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Thank you very much for that offer! However the time for that is not now. First doing would be needed to make the necessary mistakes, identifying the difficulties, by practice making it vivid enough to remember the answers well and getting a good enough reference to fit the answers into and last to come up with the good questions addressing (as close as possible) the cores of the difficulties.

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So now I have some experience from low wind sessions outdoors with, mostly Rev. 1.5 B-series std with P90 LE and two two semi recent Rev Indoor (outdoors) sessions – still had the feeling that the 360-ies were kind of hurried. After this I have had a few (five) indoor sessions with the Rev Indoor (and some Rev 1.5) and now the 360-ies start to feel relaxed. Therefore I soon might start to ask the sensible questions.

In the mean time I’d like to ask🙂:
In the same situation as in the video above, could you imagine doing the same routine with the bridle removed (while kite and lines remaining the same)? If so, would there be any major changes in set up, required input and the end result of the flying?

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