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A few years ago this was the first dual line video I viewed that allowed me to really see what was going on.  The black kite was magic.  I knew I needed one.  The views from the side showed the movement of the kite transitioning from one position to the next.  Other videos I had seen were from the flier's perspective & I could not tell which way the nose was facing even.  I had Know Eye Deer how to even begin the journey but I knew I wanted to get there.  Still on that path today.  And I even have my "Black Magic" kite now.


"The Ring Wraiths ride in black, ride on."  SHBKF

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Same here, I saw this video when it came out, and set my mind to learning to fly like that. I had to have the kite in the video, too. 

I wonder how many kites Lam sold because of that video...   :rolleyes:


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Was a different era... YouTube wasn't quite mainstream yet, all the downloadable video files were still pretty small and there weren't a lot of multi-angle "music videos" around for kites outside of Benson and Co... Heck, even the online kite community was more cohesive, I remember this video pulled something like 1300 hits overnight - really lit my fire to keep 'em coming. :)

More than you know, I'm glad to have been a part of your budding excitement. :wub:

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As time went on & I became a forum member I found that I could get to know these Master Fliers who made the kites dance.  I somehow became a part of the kite community & my KiteLife expanded to include fliers around the world.  This all became possible through little chips of silicon.  That is truly some magic in our lifetimes.  It's wide open & extremely personal all at the same time.  Thanks to all who have contributed along the way as we move through time & space together.  

Madly dance away
Cause remeber underneath you
Is just a sea of air

From Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards


just out here in the sticks, SHBKF

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