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Event: Revolution 25th Anniversary - 100 strong at WSIKF!

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Added by John Barresi, 30 Sep 2012

Taking place 19 Aug 2013 through 24 Aug 2013 (Ranged Event)

John Barresi

If you're a Rev enthusiast, come play in Long Beach WA during the Washington State International Kite Festival (http://www.kitefestival.com)...

NOTE: Actual record attempts will likely be held on Thu/Fri/Sat, but those new to GRID format are advised to come a couple days early to learn and practice.


Supporting our efforts in various ways:

Revolution Kites - celebrating 25 years in 2013!

Kitelife Magazine - kiting info online!

The Kite Shoppe - your source for Rev stuff!

World Kite Museum - kite history and fun!


We're looking to coordinate the world's largest ever Rev Mega Fly with 100 pilots, 100 kites, 400 individual strings to make a grand total 48,000 feet (over 9 miles) of kite line and 500 spars.

There is a system, and it works!

Conceived by Felix Mottram and his UK teammates (The Decorators), grid format allows large group of Rev fliers to work in tighter formation, with generally simpler turns than typical team flying.

Videos from 2010 WSIKF (64 kite record)


With 36 additional kites (now 10x10) going into the new record, things will be MUCH tighter and we'll need to work on closer body spacing and VERY clean 180 turns to make it all work properly.



First and foremost, we're kitefliers looking to have a good time and do something really cool as a group... All in, through and around that, will be some of the best camaraderie and skill exchange you'll ever experience.

As long as you're aware of your surroundings and keen to keep your feet out of lines, we WELCOME anyone with an interest in Revs... Come on over, make some friends, take a lesson with just about any one of the master pilots in attendance and even try your hand at a little basic team flying!



For those serious about getting involved, I recommend arriving no later than Wednesday night but Monday or Tuesday is best if you can make it - the festival is 7 days long... Thu/Fri/Sat are usually the days for our record attempts.

The actual job each pilot will be doing isn't so difficult, mostly composed of:

- Solid speed control (slow/med/fast)
- Stable hovers (less than one meter of wiggle room)
- Clean 180 turns (up/down) without losing control
- Flying straight lines up/down/right/left
- Flying diagonal lines in most directions
- Slow reverse ability right/left/down and most diagonal

A good look through these videos (2008 record of 47 kites) will give you an idea of how far things can go, if we work, learn and have fun at this together...


And just to warp your mind a little more...


The key is to pick one kite in the video and watch what they actually do in terms of individual skills, don't let get lost in the big picture... It looks amazing because EVERYONE is doing simple things together, as a group, under solid leadership. ;)



The nearest major airport is PDX (Portland, OR USA) at about 2:20 distance from Long Beach... SEA (Seattle, WA USA) is not too bad either at about 2:45 away from Long Beach.


Depending on where you're coming from, you might try some of the usual online booking places like (www.hotels.com, www.orbitz.com, etc) but a lot of the Long Beach hotels are not in those systems... They're nice, privately owned lodging that can be browsed more effectively here:

** or **
(WSIKF is held between Bolstad Ave and Syd Snyder Dr)


Stay tuned to our Facebook event page for more discussion, and feel free to add some of your own!



We hope we will have the opportunity to participate in WSIKF 2013. It could be cool to try that wsikf thing. :-)

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