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  2. Is May 1st when this ended? Always wanted a Jam Session.
  3. I'm back from my weekend trip. I used an adidas Unisex Utility Wheeled Bat Bag with my OSKUSA Quad Kite Roll-Up Bag inside. I had to cut out one of the inside pockets of the bat bag in order to be able to fit the quad bag inside, and it just barely fits lengthwise. I packed my other clothes and gear loose around the quad bag. I packed for three days, but I easily could have fit twice the clothes or more. Next time I might try some internal stuff sacks or bags like what JB mentioned in the old post I referenced, because by the time I got to Long Beach, my clothes were sort of jumbled a
  4. actualy frob Fulcrum is having a lot more foward drive than bowtie shape, the glide must be controlled better than a regular Rex witch have the gravity center closer to leading edge. Fulcrom need to be controlled ALL the time, any slack line will make the kite to react becouse of the simetrical shape also the wind is not create that "bely" like Rev and that is making him to pull stronger. Any thing you do with Rev you may do with Fulcrum and even more, the shape of the kite is eliminate completly " the walk of shame" and on acrobatics you may perform the turtle withaut to crash ore lose c
  5. Last week
  6. It is different. I've tried them at events, but never spent the money for owning my own. Not because I haven't put it in my virtual shopping cart enough times, but because when it comes to actually slapping down the money I've decided to prioritize other kites above it. They're fun, but not my type of fun. It still maneuvers, it is still controlled in basically the same way. It has less forward drive. The Fulcrum doesn't glide as well, nor side-slide as well. While it is precise, it also feels like it has less stable flight. In some regards it is similar to the difference in dua
  7. Done with the other leading edge. It only took about 2 hours this time. This bit right here has been the hardest to sew in each one, followed by the end tip: It's the reflective tape on the front, Dacron stretch strip in the back, Icarex from the body, plus 2x Dacron (4x in the overlap) for the leading edge, and the mesh which isn't difficult ... all of that tripled because it is a folded hem. 24 layer thickness. Every step I needed to manually push the needle down while turning the machine's wheel, and manually help pull it back out. Some required driving a hole through it
  8. Hello @Nathan masten, Welcome to KiteLife®! Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need to tweak settings? Edit your profile here - View Member Edit your settings - http://kitelife.com/forum/settings/ Other than that, here are a few handy links that you might have a use for... Memb
  9. I currently fly Rev quad-line kites (still new at it), I have an, EXP, XX and XX Tarantula. I live in Plymouth Michigan not to far from Sky burners Kite and Jon Trennepohl, we have spoke a few time and fly with a group a couple of times a month. I have seen the Fulcrum and it looks interesting but haven't flown one yet. How does it compare to the Rev's? Has anyone flown both that could give some insight on the advantages or disadvantages between the two. Thanks
  10. Me and my Djinn on a recent day out at Haweswater reservoir, Cumbria, UK, enjoy[emoji120] 🪁[emoji110] Sent from my SM-G973F using KiteLife mobile app
  11. In transit you only need a couple of kites to more or less cover all the wind ranges. However it is nice to have a whole bag and this also provides more justification for more kites...;) Until this past year I toured as a musician for many many moons and kites always came along in all seasons. No probs at all....just had to make sure they didn't get wet. The last few years have been perfect for keeping kites in travelling unit(s) especially with 0 wind glider kites. As a drummer by trade, I keep an iFlite in every stick bag. Revs are great because of travel frames and with interchan
  12. I've heard of guy's putting full bags of kites to cover all wind ranges. Never heard of anyone having issues with heat damaging kites. Fly on🤙
  13. Hello frob Thank you for responding to my post appreciated, yes WTB but not necessarily that specific kite, just that design aspect in a dragon kite . Like an old White Bird, ITW assured me that they have the very best in quality, and performance, in a dragon their Kirin line of kites, closest you will find to the design of an original White Bird, however only to found out that their line of Kirin dragons have been out of production ? So this has sent me looking again. Any help appreciated
  14. The more you do the easier it will get.. I still hesitate every time right before cutting fabric. and attaching that leading edge. those are still my two catch points..
  15. What do you want to know about it? Are you asking about that specific kite? Or is this a "want to buy" type post where you're looking for something visually similar? If so, what's the price range? Their ITW branded kites are typically pretty good. Not Peter Lynn good, but far better than Walmart specials. ITW fills a good slot in the beginner/intermediate market.
  16. Thanks for both replies, that was my plan to have it with me just in case an opportunity became available. I already have a 2 line foil in the Jeep just wasn't sure about a framed Kite.
  17. No effects due to heat (or winter cold), but having it with you comes with a dramatically increased chance of flying. Take the opportunity when you can, even if that means stopping at a park on your way home, or pulling off the side of the road on a long country drive.
  18. Kudoz at ya!!! “x”number of builds later...;)...a snap. I hand sewed some venting onto a Rev 2 I had vented myself. The hot cuts are fine but there are tons of bumps and wiggles in the sewing... I’m fine as you can’t see the sew....age hack, but it has held together for many years and ain’t going anywhere. bt
  19. I managed to find a pro 2.2!! I think I will just fly it as a 2 line for now and watch to see if HQ releases a new batch sometime soon. If they do I would buy one of the new ones. As for learning a quad I like the idea of a foil more than replacing spars. I'm still so new to all of this that I don't know what I don't know but I'm learning. May end up getting a 2.5 just to have one.
  20. Finally found the time to attach the first of the leading edges. 2.5 hours to attach the first one. The endpoints and the center were by far the hardest parts. If you look closely, the Dacron has: outside layer, folded over layer for a non-fray edge, overlapped layer to make it 3.5 inches, doubled for front and back (x2 layers), plus the Icarex which is tripled at the hem, all with a folded hem (x3 layers). That's 12-16 layers of Dacron, 3-9 layers of Icarex, and 3 layers of mesh. Each of those stitches took several impacts to push through. It might have been easier to hand
  21. Hi! I'm looking for other flyers in the Minneapolis area. Reach out and say hi!
  22. Hi, Thinking about selling some two line kites and hopefully getting another quad. I'm just not sure what I should list them for. These are like new with no more than ten flights between them. I have a bunch of pictures for when I list them but for now I'm only putting up a few. The Quantum was purchased down in Nags Head in 2013 The Micron - I purchase in 2015 I think The Widow - I got around 2016 maybe Any help would be appreciated.
  23. View Advert Linesets and Accessories Selling a few extras: 1. Berry Blue 75# x 75ft - new 2. LPG 90# x 100ft - mild wear 3. LPG 50# x 50ft - new 4. spectra 50# x 30ft - like new 5. 3 pairs of wrist straps 6. ground stake Asking $45 for the lot Advertiser synthexracing Date 05/09/2021 Price $45 Category Accessories Brand
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    Selling a few extras: 1. Berry Blue 75# x 75ft - new 2. LPG 90# x 100ft - mild wear 3. LPG 50# x 50ft - new 4. spectra 50# x 30ft - like new 5. 3 pairs of wrist straps 6. ground stake Asking $45 for the lot


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  25. i'll take it all if still available. tom tomdiving@yahoo.com
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