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  2. Never saw that on Bazzer kites, credit as far as I know goes to Lam Hoac, first place I saw it in use many years ago, long before Bazzer even flew quads - but I hadn't seen them on any commercially sold quads until the Djinn. Just saying, but do your thang man. ✌️
  3. Bazzer did that a decade ago, Shook as well, certainly not a new development, mine are used to prevent the spar form displacement during abusive flailing, so "inside" the pocket
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  5. @riffclown Is this Phoenix still available?
  6. More drive and precision from a bridle with movement built into it? That is not my experience at all,..... smoother, less responsive to turbulence, easier to make and install
  7. Now that is an uncanny coincidence! 😉 Look forward to hearing about that kite. Happy Birthday in advance! .
  8. USPS just dropped off one of those triangular boxes that originated at The Kite Shoppe. I have it on good authority that it is a 3Winds SUL. I'll have to wait until tomorrow for pictures because, alas, today is not my birthday 😏.
  9. Ah. Thanks. Apparently the Kite Shoppe carries 3Winds quads, including parts and bridles, from digging around a bit. An acquaintance passed on to me the idea that, to him, dynamic or turbo bridles such as these result in better drive through turns -- more positive and precise. I am way too low on the learning curve to properly judge but comments like those give me something to watch for. In case the trait isn't immediately apparent to me in flight. Be interested in your thoughts on quad bridles. Or an update on them sometime. .
  10. lam's bridle, ..... commercially known as "Three Winds"
  11. You got to ask yourself, do I want to evolve during the winter or do I want to get rusty?
  12. Beware, trees eat kites! This picture also makes one dream of summer.
  13. Exult

    Tarheel Blue

    There is depth in this image with a nice feeling of presence.
  14. jdputsch


  15. riffclown

    Riffclown's Homemades

    Photos of my home made kites and accessories. Many made from Gomberg Kite tails.
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  17. Hey brother. Happy 2021 I could do 400 shipped to Montreal. Would that suit you? Please reply via email at franklarouche@gmail.com
  18. Thanks, ordered mine yesterday...... Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
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