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  2. Hello @Borislav Dimitrov, Welcome to KiteLife®! Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need to tweak settings? Edit your profile here - View Member Edit your settings - http://kitelife.com/forum/settings/ Other than that, here are a few handy links that you might have a use for...
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  4. I will have to give First Flight a try since it's so close. I have a senior pass so it's free and lots of open space.
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  6. If you ever find yourself inland near Greenville... East Carolina University has an outdoor student recreation area that is perfect. Eight multipurpose fields with beautifully maintained turf grass, two man-made lakes with fountains (one with a sand beach), a clubhouse with a lanai and picnic tables large enough to work on your kites, easy access to water and restrooms. If it weren't within the flight pattern of the local airport, it would be a perfect place to host a kite festival 🤔.
  7. Spoke to Lam maybe last week about an ATM SUL or something that would fit my needs. Something that will fly in next to nothing but is fully trickable in 3+. We decided an ITM or a new Dream Machine SUL was the best fit for this. Going to make this my next purchase once I'm allowed to buy kites again. The Shadow is really tricky. The stock bridle is a turbo, but its really prone to over steer. I fly a ITW Hydra as my main learning STD kite and it is a lot easier to track than the shadow. The great thing about the Shadow is that you can fly it walking backwards and using lightwind technique
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  9. Jockey's Ridge for long lines and most winds. The Wright Memorial for when you want a big grass field. The pond area behind the Whalehead Club up in Corolla. (It's across the road from Flying Smiles.)
  10. I'll check out Flying Smiles next week. What are your 3 favorite spots? I'm using the beach but would like somewhere with less people/fishermen.
  11. Thanks. I'm in Southern Shores, so not far at all. I will head up there next week.
  12. I really enjoyed my Bolero Stack.. OBX is not a bad place to be for flying. 3 of my top 4 favorite Flying spots are there. as @Cot51stState said, Go see Eliot and Cath up at Flying Smiles Kites in Corolla. They will put you on the right path for quads. Probably will even loan you one or two to try..
  13. If you are anywhere near Corolla then you are in good shape. Flying Smiles Kites knows a little bit about quad line kites and I think they may have built one or two 😉
  14. Is it still available? Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  15. Years ago on vacation in OBX I picked up an HQ Bolero. Every summer it would get flown for a week than packed away till next year. Fast forward to 2020. I'm retired and just moved permanently to OBX and plan to expand my flying. I pulled out the old kite and made a few repairs until I can figure out a new model. I would like to work toward a quad and learn more about building kites.
  16. Hey Bud, good to hear. Hope things continue to improve.....👍
  17. So latest update: All fixed! Good to go! Just need to build up some coordination and endurance in the leg. May even salvage a little outdoor flying this year!! If not, at least indoors. For all of you that had me in their thoughts - Thank you!
  18. Thanks to Bill, for letting me lose on personal kit, and lending me some longer handles. Thanks to the rest of the guys at Dunstable today. Confirmed my suspicions the Rev copy I bought wasn't all that, thanks for the improvement tips for the kite too, lines, spar repair/replacement. Definitely nothing like anything I've flown before. I'll be back with my Frankenstein'd kite soon, Covid permitting...
  19. I finally got my Djinn out to fly. Winds were a little light and gusty and it wasn’t a flight worth an audience. But it felt good. Hopefully when the temperatures start to cool down to a more moderate level, I will be flying it more.
  20. Sorry to hear that. 

  21. Many thanks for the quick reply and advice David. Well it seemed like a great kite before I got involved and became the weakest link but your post has inspired me to give it another go. I might commandeer my girlfriends grandson tomorrow as she and his Mum plan to take him shopping. I’m sure he’d prefer to go fly a kite. I suspect I might have a similar problem with the lines when I lay them out but I’ll follow your advice when wrapping up and see if that helps the next time out. With an extra pair of hands there is a possibility we might actually get it up in the air tomor
  22. Finally got a bit of wind suitable to fly in and one of my flying spots is available again (with social distancing) Pretty sure I met the requirement since I was alone.
  23. I have the same kite, its a great piece of kit to fly and travel with. After securing the coloured bridle ends in the small velcro retainer on the trailing edge. I fold the kite Leading edge over to the middle then fold the trailing edge to the first fold. I then fold the left hand edge to the middle and then fold the right hand edge to the middle. I then carry on folding each side in half toward the middle until you end up with a package which fits inside the case. There are many ways of doing the lines. I straight wind both lines on to the winder. I have used figure of 8 winding i
  24. Know that one. Have taught random family how to fly their delta, and chased down, and sat on a 3m foil.... At Dunstable, funnily enough...
  25. Been looking for something to fly when the wind is too strong for my drone which is a lot of the time where I live it seems which has bought me here! After some research I decided to start simple...bit like my good self really. The Peter Lynn UNIQ Play 1.5m seemed to tick all the boxes for me being; Not too large to begin with - I remember being dragged up a hill many years ago by a big kite and that was scary Single skin - virtually indestructible when I pile it into the ground over & over again 2-line fixed bridle - simplicity itself (see later) Lightweight
  26. Love seeing the experienced inviting the inexperienced and literally paying it forward...
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