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  2. riffclown

    Travel Frames

    That's the main reason for the travel frame.. It breaks a Hadziki Wing into smaller segment for travel.. Will fit in a backpack, suitcase or even some lunchboxes.. The Added benefit @Paul LaMasters mentioned, is you can tune the individual segments of the frame for the proper flex and stiffness you want. Like putting a 3 wrap in the center with race or 2 wraps on the ends.. Now you have 6 segments to play with and you can focus the strength (or flex) only where it is desired. You can do a whole other level of tuning for your sail. My Travel Frame is all Skyshark Camo (P2 and P4) and has a few extra segments so I can adjust the size of the frame to work with any size from B2 to my 96" size and everything in between.
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  4. Gladders

    Hi all from the East of England

    I just had forty minutes in 6mph winds with the quantum. Great fun. Waaaay slower than the limbo, and more stately. Got a helicopter and a belly launch. Nothing broken. Woo hoo!
  5. frob

    The unexpected

    There used to be a brand of kite line called "spider line", it was blue, made from the same stuff as today's Dyneema and Spectra names. I've still got a bit of it on a winder. I think if I knew there were spiders out ballooning, I'd call that as a good day to fly indoors.
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  7. drdemonx

    Karma 10/20/2018 Jeff Howard

    One More Day so far we have am if i am missing anyone enter now @SurfCityVortices @esinger @chip.lennep
  8. It wasn't me being a wimp that prevented me from properly attaching it. I found out the knots were tied slightly too close making them nearly impossible to come together. Moving the knots about 1/8" made the kites come together neatly.
  9. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    Field Test was successful. Added a very quick clip of the ground view for the Inverted Kip Landing at 23 seconds in (75% Speed.)
  10. Wayne Dowler

    Prism Framed Kite

    In response to your quote - I was just on the Prism website - unless something has changed, they are still in production. Might be harder to find, but still made. After reading other threads - that may be out of production. I see on the Kite Shoppe website, that she has one. Slight sail discoloration and discounted $40.00 USD. Don't know about shipping and taxes, maybe the discount makes up for some of it? She is one of this site's sponsors, look under Ultralight Wind Range to see it. http://www.thekiteshoppe.com/
  11. Gladders

    Help Identifying Kite

    That was easy. Good old Wikipedia. Bell wanted a kite that was both strong and stable enough to carry people. He worked up to one with (wait for it) 3393 cell weighing 90KG. Some kite. Bell's experiments in manned kite flight did not, it seems, represent a great leap forward either in kite design or in the way we move from A to B. I wonder if all famous inventors CVs are a mixture of the good stuff that made them famous and some the crazy, pointless stuff that no-one talks about? I bet they are. 🤪
  12. rooster

    TOTL Hawaiian

    Hey, you mentioned that you had re-framed your Hawaiian, would you still have the original frame? If so, I'm really interested in that. Thanks for your time...
  13. Hi; I'm looking to buy good condition Ray fish kite. If any one is up to sell their kite or connect to some one who wants to sell one. Thanks
  14. cjay

    Compiled list of some production kites

    That Premier Aerosport is a cool looking kite.
  15. I am really getting into flying the E2. I tried it with a 85' x 100# skybond line set, and that made a big difference. It is much more responsive and precise now. Compared to the Widow NG, it seems to load up smoother, be more stable at the edge of the wind window, and it is also quieter and doesn't pull as hard. It is almost as precise now. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is a difference in how they turn. The E2 feels more smooth or something. The E2 is my go to kite now for 9-12 mph wind range. I like it just as well as the Widow NG for just flying around. I still need to try the NG without the weight.
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  17. Including some Segways in action on the beach.
  18. If you do go to the top of Mauna Loa post some pics when you get home doing axles on the Mount McKinley summit LOL.Man I need to fly at the top of Pikes Peak.Any of you make it to Colorado Springs I'd be happy to drive you to the top. Might want to bring a small bottle of Oxygen.It is a 14 footer.Doughnuts up there are some of the best.
  19. Exult

    Kite buying tips

    Yes one could do one of them only. One could also eat plums as the only fruit and refuse all kiwis from right from the start until the end of time with no exception. That being said I have been doing mostly HWKing (Hadziki wing kiting, yes Rev like QLKing i.e.) lately, because locally (well in the Nordic countries – you can’t be too picky when defining “locally here”) HWKing has offered some kind of surrounding sport kiting activities (which is a luxury). When returning to DLKing I hope that I’ll make some use of the (this sounds fluffy) the QLK way of feeling the presence of the kite. When doing DLKing, have I 100% left the harder with too little feedback (from the feel through the lines) from the days of learning a long time ago or can something be added from QLKing? Another thing I’ll try to transfer to DLKing is more methodical way of learning with more repetition that I’ve applied since starting to learn QLKs (1.3 years ago).
  20. AERIALIS Kites

    Project Stunt Kite Classics

    Hi all, I could use your help.[emoji846] Continue reading here... http://kites.aerialis.no/stunt-kite-classics/ Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using KiteLife mobile app
  21. Breezin

    Welcome Koobecaf Uoykcuf

    OMG that looks like so much fun.Get to finally meet up with some buggy people this Sunday in Denver CO.Forecast is for 31 degrees so I'm hoping the cold doesn't cancel the fly. I got warm clothes and that to me is better than 100 degrees. They've flown with Tami Frazer who set a speed record at 58.8 mph on a buggy. I got a daughter that's got enough nerve to learn to do that. Don't know if I could cowboy up enough to get to 30 mph LOL. Sure want to try though.
  22. Wayne Dowler

    Full Vent with Time to Think

    It's all fun, even messing with the twisted lines. If you watch JB's tutorial on line management - you should never have really twisted lines again. Maybe a few small twists here or there, but nothing major. Watch that tutorial til your sick of it - then watch it some more! Once you develop that system and get it successfully - NEVER DEVIATE! Do it the same way over and over - a habit!! Never let someone else wind your lines - if they are a mess, it's all on you that way!
  23. TeamVee

    Flight of the Octos!

    Been tracking weather on SPI, looks like 15-20 mph (which is avg. for us here... gets laundry up and steady!) what is concerning for me is the HIGH tides that brush us against the dunes.... hoping it falls back for us. *Here is an example of area Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  24. Wayne Dowler

    SUL vs Indoor

    This was taken during the taping of a local TV destination show - Grant's Getaways - about 3/4's of the field!
  25. Paul LaMasters

    Long Beach Island kite festival, 2018

    LBI#4 was a great time with wildy appreciate crowds and super hard working volunteers too, everything you could want was there, you just hard to seek it out, indoor, kids activities, team, inflatables, dualies, gliders, quads, SLKs, comps (but only the good ones!) For MMB as an example, Scott Weider, Jim Cosca and myself were the judges and we sat in the crowd with the folks, sharing the score cards before filling in our numbers. When done, we asked those around us "who won to you?" Marc Conklin was their selected (and our official champion), defeating Smitty, Lisa, Laura and Karl Berg. Each flier has a unique flight style, musical points and showmanship, thousands cheered 'em on. Indoor was amazing, again I chose to Judge and getting a great seat helped me see what is possible when you want it bad enough,...... they did! Go to a festival, share the experience with other like-minded individuals. This one rocked totally!!!! if you can get there for number five in 2019, you should join us!
  26. Gladders

    Single or Dual line - all around kite? Newb here

    +1 for a cheap foil. You can crash it all you like.
  27. Breezin


    Yesterday flew my vented with some gusts getting close to 25. Got a small hole by the upper spreader wear patch that I had to redo. Did that and when I came back out winds were going 25+. Called it a day. Get to meet up with some of the Rocky Mountain Kite Fliers tomorrow. Refrained from flying the Hawk cause I REALLY want to fly with others. It's a 130 mile drive and I want to make it. Practiced some different stances yesterday and I'm pretty confident the Hawk won't beat me up like last time. Well up to 20 mph anyways. Went outside several times when winds were going over 30. Man was it hard not putting this little beast in the air. The 14th get to meet up with them again along with some buggy people. SUPER STOKED!!! Zipping along in a buggy at 80 mph would be scary, scary fun. I'd be totally freaking out and having a blast at 35. That close to the ground 35 would feel like 100 in a car.If winds are high Mon and Tue I'll fly the Hawk. I can recuperate by the weekend .
  28. Breezin

    My Arizona quad

    Love the concept. Very cool. Looks like a Mcquad to me but I wear glasses .
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