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  2. Agreed about the lack of drama. I wasn't trying to start a "thing". If production had moved to China, I was legitimately curious as to when. No biggy.
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  4. I would super-glue a small piece of string with a stopper knot on the end of the bottom/center of the kite. You can larks head your tail to that.
  5. From the specs it looks like it ships with 90# 80ft lines, which are quite common. (Or 40kp 25m if you prefer.) Eventually you will get a large collection of both line lengths and strengths, but that is a good set to start with. Think about what that means, pulling 90 pounds on each arm maximum. For most people that kind of pull ranges from uncomfortable to stronger than them. A few kites recommend 150# for strong winds, and power kites often use 300# or stronger, but at that point you're looking either for man lifting with body tethers or for anchored flight, and not for cas
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  7. Thanks for all of your suggestions.
  8. Thanks for all of the input, I have decided to get a Vertigo Max.
  9. View Advert Flying Wings Soul Barely used and in great condition. Has small discoloration on sail but doesn't impact performance. Buyer to cover actual shipping costs. Advertiser Hiett_431 Date 11/28/2020 Price $150 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Flying Wings Model
  10. Kent eventually comes through. In my experience he doesn't respond to emails very quickly, but then again I'm not exactly the most patient person in the world. I would order from him again, but would be prepared for a slower response than I would like. FYI - this was not a custom order. It was a stock blue color that Kent didn't have in the store.
  11. Got to try a couple different ideas. Man I thought you guys were all conspiring against me to not learn some secret trick! I was wrong. Haha. It definitly made the kite more finicky and unruly. Ended up thinking it really flew best with no weights at all but that was definitly as the expensive of yoyos from any flare postion.
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  13. makatakam

    Reflex XX

    Keep an eye on eBay and this forum. Used ones in good condition show up often, especially when the weather gets colder.
  14. I see. One of the best quality built kites if not the best, smaller hand movements than the mamba, and pretty much a dedicated trick kite. It is certainly a good looking kite.
  15. The Hydra is made in Asia, and Dynamic spars are much cheaper than SkyShark there.
  16. Oh my!!!!! I have a gold one....SUL, plus a PD UL and PD vented, inak and nik nak.....so my Skyburner quiver is full.....otherwise I would be all over this!!! bt
  17. View Advert Prism E3 - Spectrum - BRAND NEW Brand new never unpacked Prism E3 - Spectrum $250 plus shipping Advertiser Alex D Date 11/25/2020 Price $250 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Prism Model E3  
  18. Hi, I have to say, I find the finish on the Deep Space stand and UL second to none, perfection, I have flown the STD Deep Space a fair bit now, and the UL flew for the first time last weekend, but neither kite has any problems, build quality perfect, not noisy in the slightest, but I put that down to the finish, no slack panels, or trailing edges, I just need time now to improve my trick capabilities. Another of my favourite kites is the HQ Jam Session, I have owned mine for about 20 years now, and only recently had to replace the two main lower spreader bars due to a heavy landing,
  19. View Advert Revolution 1.5 lime/black NEW Revolution 1.5 lime/black * NEW * Never flew! Never left the house! Absolutely as good as new! Just unpacked for photos and checked if everything is ok. A real Rev 1.5 without the "Reflex" gimmick. Hard to find as new. With bag, 13" handles and DVD. Sales and shipping within the EU preferred. Shipping costs within Germany: included! Shipping costs within the EU: 50% is paid by the buyer. Price: 195,00 EUR Advertiser Bunduki Vlieger Da
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  21. Wow... these subtleties are difficult to understand / translate in a foreign language. If this explanation is still valid in this simple form, then I understand the concept of "whump" :-)
  22. Normally, a trip to Kinko’s would get you nice full size prints for a few bucks. Current circumstances might make that trip less desirable. Adobe Illustrator, maybe Acrobat, and all page layout programs (like InDesign and Quark) have an option to print “tiled pages” which is what you got for the Quartz, I believe. The free program Inkscape may have that ability, too, but I’m not sure.
  23. Wind and a day to fly!!!
  24. And Finally some video. Very please with the performance of this sail..
  25. New Video of this kite from the weekend
  26. I had a chance to fly one of these the other day in OBX. It was 10-15 mph winds and the kite flew very well. It was very responsive and was not pulling me across the sand. In the high wind it was much easier to fly than my OSK Vertigo.
  27. WIND today.. 15-20 with occasional gusts of 2..
  28. Never flown the Kaiju so not sure how that flys myself but have heard good things about it. I own the 4D. It flys really well in just about no wind. You can do zero wind if you want to keep walking but obviously its best in about 2-5 mph. That being said it's a great kite to fly when nothing else will because it stays aloft very well in the slightest breeze. However if you're leaning towards tricks or anything of the nature its not the most trick oriented kite. Though there is a gentlemen on YouTube that does phenomenal things with his 4D which are far beyond my skill set with
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