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  2. khsidekick

    LE tabs (service available for Revs)

    I think so too. Breezin it’s time to join the dark side. Once you start it will only add to your addiction. You’ll love it I promise. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  3. RobB

    big buzz flexifoil line material

    Lines for foils aren't as critical as framed sportkites. Just check them for being even every few outings, they should be fine. I've flown my foils with lines that were 6" different from the left and right and it wasn't too bad. I would never tolerate that with my framed sportkites, though...
  4. Yesterday
  5. John Barresi

    Europe Tour 2019

  6. I posted a new thread in reference to your post, I didnt want to take this thread off topic. Some places get upset about such.
  7. Exult

    First flight

    I don't do roll ups, but yet needed to add (rip stop) tape to hold them. Much differently, but wouldn't like to be without either one. The Kymera is a great and trickable flyer with a large wind window. The Hydra got a smaller wind window. Little input is required to make it do much trickwise. Pitch sensitive as well - won't get stuck in a turtle. For a beginner the Kymera would be easier to understand. In case I'd be out on an initially low wind day starting with the HQ Shadow, I could then go on with the ITW Kymera, then the ITW Hydra, then HQ Infinity (then a vented QLK).
  8. Paul LaMasters

    Ocean City Sept 19-20

    Maybe to the night-fly April, .....We will be there Wednesday, not in the condo either (so less crap to lug!). What time are the kids down? I could probably be convinced btw 8:00 pm-10:00 if I have an afternoon nap first. 3rd street & boardwalk I think? (Barbara handles those lodging details). Paul Dugard and I will both be there Thursday whenever, if you can join us 243 kiters signed on/up so crowds will be treated to a great show see ya there!
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  10. Breezin

    Facebook and Riffclown

    Vimeo seems to have good stuff. I'm on satellite and getting 1080 HD can be a pain sometimes on You Tube.
  11. makatakam

    Wind Range??

    I hope not. The 1/4" frame is inherently more flexible. I'm hoping that those who make them work more on increasing response rate at the same level of flex, or even increasing both simultaneously.
  12. Wayne Dowler

    Snapshot 1.2 string length

    If learning, I would suggest that the lines be long - 60' - 80'. Reaction time for the flier increases with longer lines. Put the kite on short lines and everything happens at light speed! Are your flying skills up to that challenge? PS: the kite doesn't go any faster on short lines, but covers the wind window in no time. Therefore giving the appearance of going faster!
  13. SHBKF

    help buying first kite for me and my son

    A very inexpensive tail can be purchased at your local building supply store, surveyor's tape. Check out the bright colors. Just roll out how much you like & tie it on somewhere on the trailing edge of your kite. Do several if you wish. They are reusable and disposable too. I have used other materials scrounged from various sources. The most amusing one was a eight & one half inch wide piece black ribbon from an older fax cartridge. But that was used on a larger single line kite. Have fun! SHBKF
  14. Breezin

    12' GFK Delta (9/15/18)

    Well lucky me 😊. Call this one done. Pm me your address drdemonx and it'll be on it's way Monday. Thanks.
  15. riffclown

    Feeling Gray

    Bridle check complete. this kite is ready for the field..
  16. John Barresi

    Danish Quad Clinic (Sep 8-9, 2018)

    I’ll happily take that as a positive review, lovely to finally meet you @Exult - thanks for participating, I really enjoyed flying with you and everyone else. 🙏🏻
  17. I'm honored.. To keep from splintering your for sale topic, I'd suggest starting a new topic with your builds over in the Kite Making section of the forum. https://kitelife.com/forum/forum/120-kite-making/
  18. riffclown

    The Calm before the storm

    Just bridle it up and fly the bag..
  19. makatakam

    Goodwinds Kites Wind Cheater

    Cool. Keep us up to date on the build.
  20. Earlier
  21. John Barresi

    Can't post text??

    Roger that, hang in there all. 🤞
  22. Looking for lightly used 32 meter trilobite. If you have not flown yours in a long while, consider passing it on to someone who will.
  23. Thank you! And be safe down there!
  24. riffclown

    Diamonds Colorizer

    I plan to update the Colorizer this week to include only currently available Icarex colors.
  25. Daougie

    stacking eddy kites

    I'm kind of late replying to this. Anything further apart than a yard makes launching and take down difficult. I space mine a minimum of the length of the kite and tail apart from each other. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using KiteLife mobile app
  26. esinger

    A Kitebuilding Success

    Your kite very rightly won first place Karen, you did an excellent job on it! Congratulations! Eric
  27. The famous bathing boxes.
  28. KAP Jasa

    Rosebud, Victoria, Australia

    Yesssss! Thank you! Cool shot 😉
  29. riffclown


    They do get tight.. I use Skyshark most of the time now but I have been known to sand the inside of the caps a bit if needed to get the fit I want.
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