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  2. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/385339311845271109/ Would love to find one of these.
  3. DTill

    Which one??

    Do one like charcoal, blue and Midnight. But do the checkers in black and white and put some #5s on each side. One upside down and one right side up. https://newvitruvian.com/explore/fast-clipart-racer/#gal_post_444_fast-clipart-racer-12.png Not sure how to imbed that image?
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  5. I'm IN ! If they come my way, I hope the guy who trained them will be my way some day & show me how it's done ! Best wishes, JB.
  6. Brand new condition, original custom colors, never flown except for the ST which has less than an hour of light use on it... My wife just doesn’t have time to fly, and we’re letting this set go to raise funds. All three are yours for $999! Normal retail for the suite of three Djinn is $1155 - pick up / meeting welcome or I can also ship via Priority Mail (usually less than $15 in the US). Full set only, not willing to break up the set, price is firm. Full product info: http://kiteforge.com/products/djinn Facebook listing: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/302154983761785/
  7. Just post a reply in the topic, or send a private message from their profile (click on their name).
  8. Check out this link from a couple of weeks ago:
  9. Ill have to check out the beach at the casino or start staying there.
  10. Good condition, one small break in the vent along the vertical (circled below), a few small breaks in LE mesh but WELL supported by aftermarket LE tabs, wear strips and 2nd trailing edge stitch, original 4 wrap frame and TK-tied bridle. $225 as is, shipping included for US buyers, $25 more for non-US but can combine shipment(s) if you buy more than one of the kites I currently have for sale.
  11. Good condition, only two small breaks in LE mesh but WELL supported by aftermarket LE tabs, wear strips and 2nd trailing edge stitch, original BLACK RACE frame and TK-tied bridle, the very last B-Series that I flew full time before my Djinns were ready. $240 as is, shipping included for US buyers, $25 more for non-US but can combine shipment(s) if you buy more than one of the kites I currently have for sale.
  12. Yep, JB said something about starting it back up once warmer weather came around in hopes that more would participate Sent from my SM-N960U using KiteLife mobile app
  13. Hi yawll. Sorry I haven't been around for a few days but the wind has been better. So I've been taking advantage of it. I have been getting a bout an hour a day of fly time and have progressed so that I can keep the kite up for about 15 minutes till I try something above my skill level. Crash. Today I was able to to recover 3 or 4 times after a crash with out a reset. What a difference a bit of breeze makes. Keep flying . Thanks for the all the advice and guidance.
  14. On an SUL you'd want that killer glide, it is available w/o reflex springs, you want to assemble (end-caps, washers, holes thru LE, etc) such that you introduce a pronounced curvature,... over the top of the leading edge. Your palm should fit between the sail and leading edge, touching neither. The bridle choice doesn't matter, we each have our preferences, only that all this crap is locked down, rigid, tight. You are after a glide where where you can toss the kite parallel with the ground, and it goes like frisbee,.... no handles or flying line, it flies an unbelievable distance straight away from you. Test1 i prefer a bridle configuration where you are gripping outside of the frame,.... any wiggling in your choice of bridle smooths out flight by deminishing pilot commands, first take out the wiggle slop! how much mass is necessary for enjoyable flight dynamics? Not enough and the kite needs tending on all four lines (like a Decca), too much and you have to flail and run around to MAKE flight. straight or bent leading edge construction? My no-sew experience had 'em straight, but we used SLE 7/16 inch tubes in ours, so they "threw" like a javelin! Years later 18 and I've learned a lot since those experiments folded over leading edge sleeve, or thicker choice to add some mass? All spectra bridle, figure of eight knots and nail polish painted, to dry over night! 3M'sVHB 9460 bonding tape and a craft iron we want pictures and enjoy the journey, I've been on it since 1993
  15. @DTill The Rods with the Green Trim are part of Revolutions new formulation to counter "counterfeiting" Rev will tell you flat out there is no difference but as you have already found the weight is different and the flex is very different. For at least a short period of time the GT (green trimmed) rods were very prone to breakage. almost always into 3 pieces with the breaks about an inch from the green. Rev "corrected" that issue but never officially acknowledged there was an issue. I'm unaware of a method to discern between the ones prone to breakage and those that are corrected. There was a big topic on those rods and the differences when they first started showing up. The meat of the conversations starts around the 2nd or third page in https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/7033-rods-the-difference/page/3/
  16. Staying at the Sea Hag for a few day's. Anyone else be around? Might even try to fly under the lights if the wind cooperates. If not I'll be at the Nauti Mermaid.
  17. You offered the trade terms - LOL!! Can't have everything - can ya??
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  19. Hello @Naomi Simpson, Welcome to KiteLife®! Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need to tweak settings? Edit your profile here - View Member Edit your settings - http://kitelife.com/forum/settings/ Other than that, here are a few handy links that you might have a use for... Member Chat Member Map KL Shop And while it's never an obligation, we always love hearing about our new members if you'd like to share some of your kite stories, videos, and/or background... Tell us a little about YOUR kite life!
  20. FYI, map is back up and running.
  21. Chat bar restored, might need to pop it back out with the little arrow button at far bottom right. FYI @riffclown ✌️
  22. Just discovered the FB login function was also a bit wonky, should be working now. 🙏
  23. Spent the morning watching(recorded) Valtteri Bottas go thru some parts of Melbourne and Albert Park really, really fast.Hope he wins the championship. Didn't notice the tree.
  24. Dave I know this is a year old post but by now you should know where to fly. I am also in Cape and wanting to fly kites. Where have you found a good spot and are you still flying? If so lets meet up and fly. Greg
  25. I'm having the best time learning to control a foil board while flying a 12m kite on the water.. I've been creating a video series on the progress, hopefully containing some helpful hints and tips in the meanwhile.. Love to share it with you and hear your thoughts and comments to help me and hopefully others along!! Learn to Kitefoil episode 6!
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