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  2. Wayne Dowler

    Diamond and Mesh Mashup

    Rafael - hee hee!! Not everyone has those "tastes"!!
  3. Paul LaMasters

    Frames? Mixing tapered with straights.

    I use both solid and follow ferrules, ... in fact have requested each for particular objectives. Hollow, I like 4 inches minimum length. On the East Coast the CLX 150 frame is very common on the leading edge and a tapered down spar of various thicknesses depending on conditions. Face it, the bottom of the sail has less surface area so it doesn't need as much framing to support it (I run magic sticks which distribute the load like a suspension bridge and a French bridle which has more "legs" of support as well) The thicker aspects of the CLX frame support a curvature OVER the leading (not L to R) edge, which promotes an increased glide (like a frisbee instead of a dinner plate). Not in any way beneficial for the "Falling Leaf" trick, but a fantastic addition if you want to fly up-wind or "throw & catch" easier. It fits the original Revolution end-caps thru the use of a plug (these will come undone eventually and need to be 2 part epoxy glued for permanence!) It doesn't fit knock-off caps, so most of us just change out those caps or use different framing choices. Knock-off caps fit Black Race and Diamond tubes just fine as an example. Several locally owned stacks are sporting CLX-350 leading edge in that first kite Can you mix tapered and straight tubes on the leading edge?,... yes but you are creating a dedicated SUL or no wind machine ONLY. One good step back and strong command of forward flight will otherwise snap the tapered end off at the junction of the down-spar/leading edge intersection. Make a 50# spectra bridle too, so you know it can't take a beating either and baby your baby with gentle control on delicate flying lines. My experiences say you need some mass to do kewl tricks, but a feather light kite CAN do accurate precision in a dead calm (you just can't stand stationary and do it!)
  4. riffclown

    New guy's first kite

    Two ways.. -One is just ask.. (I took care of it for you ) -The other is to edit your original post and just change the subject.. It's not something you want to do very often because things can get rather fragmented for other folks following a topic.
  5. Yesterday
  6. There is both. This was a topic about cameras, which I also happen to do a lot with. For camera equipment, the question to ask is: What is holding you back? Usually the answer is not gear, it is time behind the camera and time spent studying photos that have been taken. There are plenty of challenges where a skilled professional photographer is given mediocre equipment or even trashy equipment and asked to produce what they can. The skilled professional can produce great results even on poor quality equipment. However, if you gave a $20,000 camera rig to a novice the visual quality may be amazing but the composition and other elements will still be novice quality. In regard to that specific equipment for @Mutani, they're all good and unlikely to hold the person back. They won't produce the same quality as high-end gear, but none of it is bad equipment. The same with kites, the question to ask is: What is holding you back? For people in this forum the answer usually is not gear, most of us have a bag or two with kites for a wide range of conditions. Low wind, high wind, even no wind or indoors, the equipment is there. Similarly, usually the thing holding us back is more time in the air, and time spent critically reviewing our current results. As for ability in this field, there are professionals in kites where I think we could tie a rock to a string and they'd find a way to make it fly gracefully through the air, with just a bit of legwork.
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  8. Exult

    Danish Quad Clinic (Sep 8-9, 2018)

    Also, a bit late, I’d like to thank @drdante and @Louise for the related arrangements.
  9. Last week
  10. Breezin

    Kick turn

    Lest one thinks perhaps I am gifted. Alas NO!! Hours and hours at this with many,many more to come. I have quite the advantage over most. Winds here are some of the best inland flying to be had. Short week for me is 15 hours. Most are 20+. 50 yards to my kite shed, then 75 to my flying field.Got a variety of kites for 2 mph to 40 mph. It is awful close to kite heaven I think. Yesterday flew the Widow in 8 to 12 in pretty steady winds. 14 degrees but it did warm up to a balmy 18 when I quit. The new move has already helped on the Cynique. Caught the best one ever center window in about 8. Then right foot started getting cold. Blew the dang side out of my boot. Frost is about gone and temps are warming nicely.Cmon Comete, Cascade and Cynique. Hope nothing breaks 😰.
  11. riffclown

    Midnight Blowing Snow (Winter Jacket)

    Tuesday Afternoon in 7-8MPH.. kite did well. It took a bit more effort but, this sail IS flyable sub-10MPH without too much extra work.
  12. FranckPG

    Quadcopter meets Quadkite

    Drone footage from March 2018 on a deserted beach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Earlier
  14. Breezin

    No wind Djinn

    That's one of those videos that if you're feeling a little grumpy will put a smile on your face.
  15. John Barresi

    Shipping update!

    Most of the last batch has already arrived in flyers’s hands and I’m pleased to report our builders are back to 100%... As always, subject to variables and shipping time, 46 more Djinn (mixed customs and stock colors) should be on their way to us as of Dec 14, there is even a fighting chance they’ll be delivered to North American flyers in time for Christmas. Thanks for your ongoing patience, we’re nearly caught up now. ✌️
  16. Breezin

    Favorite SUL?

    Got to fly a Ocius SUL today.Very little time on a Aura or the Ocius. Took to the Aura right off. Ocius not so much.Frame is really light and I was afraid of breaking it. Very sensitive is a good description. I think I could get a Aura SUL and get right to it. The Ocius SUL I'd need to be real careful and become a better flier before I'd be real comfortable on it. I definitely liked the speed of the kite. Could have flown it longer but a 00 frame with my skills is a little intimidating. Especially being OPK. If someone were to put them side by side and say you can have one 😁 I'd take the Ocius no doubt. Then try like hell to buy the Aura.There was a 7 sul in the air too. Wow is that a neat kite. Fella has a full set of the 7's and a Mohawk. Maybe one day he'll think I'm good enough and trust me to fly one. Wouldn't if I was him but ya never know LOL.There was another sul kite that I got to fly maybe a 1/2 hour. Came from England but don't know what it's called. Story was 6 or 7 years ago a teenage guy kinda lit the stunt kite world up for a bit.Won some competitions and built some kites. Speculation was he's at college studying engineering to hopefully be heard from again soon.The one I flew he built when he was 16 😲 Pretty high aspect and when turning at about 2/10 o'clock there is a clicking sensation. Little unsettling till I got the feel for it.It's like a little tell that helped me with timing. I didn't get to do enough on the kite but I bet that sensation is at 4/8 o'clock too.Really,really liked that kite.
  17. I'm needing to part a kite or two. Up first is a like new Prism 4D in with the purple accents. Kite has a total of about 15 minutes flight time on it. I just never clicked with it like I thought I might. Comes with case, line set, handles, storage strap, manual and tag still attached to case. Asking $75 shipping included to anywhere in U.S.
  18. John Barresi

    Got a drone to film kiting...

    Just a mash up from yesterday, playing with angles and automated functions.
  19. PaoloM

    What do do in high wind?

    Don’t fly much in high winds, but if I do...usually it’s my Prism Alien. http://www.windpowersports.com/kites/prism/alien.php
  20. PaoloM

    Trick names.

    Ehhhh...you should have asked win Zecharia first. ;-) but good answer.
  21. Breezin


    Yup but some days ya keep going ya keep adding to the fix it pile LOL.
  22. TeamVee

    Thinking about buying a machine

    Lots of great information to take in, I have been practicing on the Brother And getting to know it’s features. Next time in kite shop I will look at the Pfaff closely and also at the different stitching on quads in-house. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  23. Yes, figure 8 is a climbing knot, very effective. I still like the sleeve, easier to attach to the kites with my chunky fingers. ;-)
  24. makatakam

    Diamonds Squared

    I tried that once. It ended up warping and distorting, and wouldn't lie flat when I removed the backer. I abandoned the project in frustration. I think that a stiff(er) backing might have done the trick. Perhaps using card stock or even construction paper might work.
  25. Paul LaMasters

    Fulcrum Assembly and Components

    I had nice session w/Dugard on his, assembly was unique, easier in wind with my assistance holding edges. It was different, but certainly a great time, doing somethings easier or impossible with a flat quad. We had enough wind and open space (sandy point state park) to honestly evaluate and compare flight dynamics. Paul also had a stock DJinn and the new 3 rivers wing, whereas I had set-up a Phoenix Ash w/French & sticks framed in SS. Swapped back and forth for a few hours, merits for each example, packed up double-quick and headed home before the downpour that lasted 48 hours!
  26. Breezin

    Turning 40

    Today was the day. OH MY is a GROSS understatement. Good time on my vented till 25. Horsed it around a bit until 30. Got out the Delta Hawk. Wowsers. Measured 37,38 and 39 while flying. After I put everything away heading for the shed measured 43 mph. Think I got 30 minutes in the air right around 40. Kinda terrifying.That's why it was so much freaking fun. Got my stones in order, wound up the kite and crossed center window 3 times.OMG fast.Do believe I now hold the fastest kite record. Well in Yoder anyways. I think. Didn't see any other kites so at least the record for fastest in the air today. Dang near face planted once. Rest of the time zipping around the edge, winding it up and turning back before hitting full on power zone. Good thing that kites tough. Boy is it ever.My Prism Micron was a complete snooze fest compared to the Hawk. Gonna take some serious time on the lines before moving to the faster speed kites.Less pull will definitely be something sought after. Even the Whizz pulls less(Addict Kites). Kept thinking about the warning for Spiderkites Neon 1.2 foil when starting to buy. Wound up the Hawk just off TDC slightly into the power. Came screaming down at about 8 o'clock. Lost it and BLAM!!! Really good chance that impact would have blown out the Neon.Super glad I have the Hawk to learn this aspect of kiting.It is now 2nd nature to walk around the wind window when resetting a kite above 15 mph. GOOD THING!!! Being in the path of that little monster or the lines would be zero fun in today's winds.I place the kite away from center. Then walk around in that same direction.If for some reason the kite self launches it will have the tendency to go towards the power zone. Don't count on it though. Few extra steps is good for me.Winds will still be high early AM. Hope to do it again tomorrow. IF I can walk then LOL.
  27. riffclown

    Kites and Fun Things

    Great choice.. The Symphony is a great sport foil..
  28. Wayne Dowler

    Out of the blue

    The only thing to be careful of if you want to extend its life - watch how high a wind you fly it in. I know you like pull, but in this case, too much and the sail stretches and will never return to how it was. On lines - watch JB's tutorial til you are sick of it - then watch some more! Then when YOU have a method down pat - DON'T CHANGE IT! Do it exactly the same and make it a habit!
  29. Paul LaMasters

    Alternative kite/gear bag

    Ha! Riff we used to travel with the whole collection too. Once time my wife had to drive her own car separately 'cause my ride (4-dr Accord) was stuffed totally full, plus the roof rack topped-off, and a hitch for our bikes a'hangin' out the back. I have owned 3 Honda vans, one after another since 2001 and that very occasion forced our 1st acquisition. The newest vehicle doesn't have a roof rack 'cause we never used all the crap in twenty years of carrying it. We used to do themed days of banner displays, just as an example; the best day of our trip got Barbara's Scott Hampton's (30-40 pieces), routinely used Shook Mini Revs (dozen) and Dalmer Ducks (150),. fish (50) and even simulated water surrounding them is another common displayed theme. Had to have shade, music, power-packs or the generator, a few different lawn chairs, fold-up tables, an easy-up, lunch and a cooler. What kind of festival doesn't get AT LEAST our club's logo banner stuck up in the air?!!? Why not bring the bag kites and the spot kite dualies too, the bols and the inflatable ground bouncers. The club has a few full sized Roks and the bride has mini-roks that kids battle with using sewing thread. (it's not about the kids, it's called the mentor's challenge!) We have more fun driving with less crap along honestly, so we are not ever needing a trailer, <LOL!> and the misses wants to narrow down the entire basement's contents as well, so we can reclaim that room for people's usage instead of mere storage. I bought my corner townhouse because it had a great shed underneath the deck and walk out basement. Last year the bride told me we had been "on the road doing this kiting stuff (crap!) for 21 years and she wanted to work on the house". I probably have twenty kites minimum with me unless I flew to that day's location, then ONLY what fits in the Orvis Case gets to go,... and we might ship some of the misses' display stuff by courier services if she joins me. An indoor Dave Ashworth, an SUL single skin by Steve Polansky, a full sail & mid-vent by Bazzer, Shook's 40%, two 75%, a 100% and a 135% Shook, a travel framed co-operative builder project Zen (ten kites,.. this is like underwear to me, never leaving home without 'em at least!)
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