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  2. Ok, here are the pics...Just to keep it transparent, as I said in an earlier reply, the the garage where I keep the toys is many miles away. I thought I could post the ad and stock pics in the meantime and if anyone was more than just "tire kicking" I would run over and get pics for them...I guess not...LOL...here is the photo... Here are the kite photos. As you can see, it is a John Barrasi Series (vented) with the carbon fiber Ultra Light "travel" rods.
  3. Just for reference - all 1.5 frames will interchange in all 1.5 sized kites. Only oddball is the Indoor (longer, taller). You can take a frame directly out of an older Rev and put it in a "B" if you like, as long as it is a 1/4" frame. Same in reverse. Travel frames are for just that - travel. They were cut down and ferruled to make shorter spar lengths that could fit in a suitcase. Might be a bit stiffer due to extra ferrules - YMMV.
  4. Would prefer this not get out of hand, I was merely asking for clarification. Color Scheme and venting level details would also be nice to know for those that would be interested. I was merely looking for details about the kite you are selling. Handles/Lines/Colors/Venting etc.
  5. If you want to add a travel frame to any kite you can do so for between $110 and $140. That is NOT what this is. This came from the factory as a 1.5 Barresi Series Travel Package. Feel free to post links to one you find elsewhere.
  6. let say...i am interested. posting pictures is a help for selling the item showing the condition and colors not a favor you should made to us. on another note travel frame is not "very rare "at all, is the flyer option for a smaller pack Thank you
  7. Mile High Kite Club has been invited to fly at the Westcliff CO Art Guild festival..Pine Bluff WY (Show Stopper Kites) is the same weekend so some will be going there. If any of you are traveling thru CO at that time come fly with us. The backdrop for your kites would be pretty spectacular.Humboldt Peak(14,070') is right in your face 😊.
  8. I don't have a pic of the actual kite. When I have time I'll get some. The kite is in my offsite garage where I keep my toys. But I stated in the ad that the pics were not of the actual kite and were in fact stock photos. If I get someone really interested and pics are the last thing they need to see I'll go take it out and photograph it.
  9. Not trying to give you grief, only trying to gain some clarity. Do you have a picture of the actual kite you are selling since none of the packages reflect a B-series? Kite in top pic is not a B-Series, Kite pictured on the Travel insert is a Standard 1.5
  10. Let's try this again... Revolution Barresi Series Travel Package This is the Barresi Series kite configured with the travel sticks and bag. I understand they are very rare and pretty much impossible to find. I purchased this one new this past year at the Revolution factory store in San Diego. It was a leftover from last year, 2017, the last year of B. Series Revolution kites. I have all paperwork. I thought I would get out to fly it more but I got out one time and haven't gotten out since. The standard 1.5 Travel Package sells for $375 plus shipping. I paid more than that for this B. Series. If you buy a 1.5 Standard B. Series it will run you $329 on sale. The travel sticks are from $110 to $160. So that is $439 to $489 if you bought separately. Asking $250 plus shipping. Kite is located in North Carolina if you want to estimate shipping. These are NOT the kite. These are stock photos.
  11. ACrop

    Djinn ST by Kite Forge (2/21/19)

    Oh man, Let it be me! I haven't gotten to fly a djinn yet....please send it to me. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using KiteLife mobile app
  12. ACrop

    Quiet word from the admin...

    Sorry to hear your news. Sending you and your family a telepathic hug. While the situation is sure to be tough the amount of thoughtfulness and concern for other that you bring to everyday life is sure to help you all come through this as well as can be managed. There is enough space in my driveway to park your KYT 4GE if you ever need a spot to stop in Maryland. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using KiteLife mobile app
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  15. Forgot I have this one. PM me if interested.
  16. Sat out on the ice for over an hour waiting for the winds to return. Went from 8mph to 0. glider time!
  17. Hi elliott, I'm always looking for the big boys. What do you have? Please PM with your list. Thanks!
  18. Hi wind warrior, Your 5 meter kites are they framed or are they foils? I'm old school, I prefer framed kites.
  19. Hi elliott, I'm always looking for the big boys. What do you have? Please PM with your list. Thanks!
  20. If you're looking for something with some pull, I have a couple of 5 meter kites I'm considering selling. PM me if you're interested.
  21. elliot51

    Quiet word from the admin...

    hi John, I know you don't know me yet but wanted to express to you my thoughts of concern for you and hopefully send ya a little of my strength and peace to help you get by in your time of struggle. very sincerely, elliot51 A.K.A. jim krynak. oberlin ohio.
  22. hi Geo, how is your quest for the power kites going? I might have a couple you may be interested in. they are older kites that have been well loved but still fly very well.
  23. I hope you got some pics in the air. It looks like a beauty.
  24. bsturmco

    Djinn ST by Kite Forge (2/21/19)

    The lure of winning a Djinn was the spurring I needed to become a subscriber. Good luck to all of those in the drawing.
  25. Was helping pack up the last goodies from the shop relocation and found this buried in a corner. Winds are supposed to be light tomorrow so out on the ice we go.
  26. Koobecaf Uoykcuf

    For sale; Micron, Jammin, Hypotist.

    I would love to have a micron also.
  27. I'm interested in the microns
  28. Hypnotist photo didn't fit in the last post
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