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  3. Possible? Sure. Prism even has a yo-yo stopper kit for the Quantum. It makes it easier, but isn't strictly required. The kite can handle all the standard tricks. It is somewhat heavier and slower than many trick-centric kites which can make some tricks easier to learn. Slow and weighted means forgiving response times and requiring bigger input, mistakes are recoverable. The bigger question is if YOU can do the tricks.
  4. There aren’t many tricks a quantum won’t do. That doesn’t mean it will be easy. It will certainly backflip, though.
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  6. Anybody in here from or do much flying in this area? I find myself flying at Brown's Point in Tacoma often. Occasionally when the wind gets 12mph+ I'll meet some kiteboarders but never see any other dual or quad fliers. If anyone ever wants to fly thats a pretty good spot for about 2, maybe 3 fliers with really good wind right off the sound. Would love to have another dual line flyer to trick with in the area. Ill fly rev here also but its not my go too option. But I just like to fly. 👍
  7. Do you think it is possible to do a yo-yo for example on the Prism quantum? Any experience on successful backflips? If not, what stunts can you actually do on this kite? Thanks in advance
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  9. yes Still Looking for a Flexikite or Rogallo Flexikite
  10. Thanks for the good input. I am canceling the simulator and looking for wind so I can get more flying time.
  11. If you spend the same amount of time flying that you would have spent making the simulator you will not need the simulator in less than half the time it took to make it. It's great if you want to demo a Rev to someone who has never flown one before so they believe it is easier to control the kite than it really is in order to make a sale or to introduce absolute beginners to quad line kites, but other than that there's no reason to have one. As an instructional device it is not productive since it creates muscle memory that one must "unlearn" later. It's better not to acquire bad habits in the
  12. There is No substitute for flying time on the handles. That's for sure!
  13. I have been accused of overthinking things many times. I just need to get out and fly.
  14. Honestly, knowing where you get to fly, a Simulator is way overthinking it. If you can keep the kite in the air and do ANY basic maneuvers, you are past the point of the Simulator entirely.
  15. I thought it might help to practice hand movements for flying. Mainly turns. Is that realistic?
  16. in what way you will use the simulator ? you realize is just general acting and nothing like in the wind ?
  17. Hey everyone, So I have a two questions about Delta construction. Question 1: I've made my delta sail as you can see from the photos but now I need to attach the keel. In a small version delta I sewed the keel directly into the sail (which was one whole piece of fabric). Should I do the same thing here??? One online book says I should fold the sail in half and sew a 1/2 inch stitch from the nose to the trailing edge and then sew the keel onto that. Another online source says I should cut the sail in half and put the keel in between the two wings and sew a
  18. I've flown the Smithi.. I still prefer my Symphony 2.2.4
  19. Do you know Spiderkites from Germany? The Smithi kills nobody but flies a bit like a Rev. https://shop.spiderkites.com/Smithi-11-PS-Ventex_1 I have one in custom colors and the new sail "P-30 Denier". "Ventex" is no longer available.
  20. Yes, that actually makes sense. I ditched the tent pegs and got a prism stake which is a lot better. Gotta have the right tool for job. I keep an eye out for other flyers and usually go talk. I've met NateyLB and Zuul already. I usually try to go after work on week days to avoid the crowds. I do go on weekends too. I'll be looking for you 😉.
  21. https://store.kittyhawk.com/products/skyscraper-stunt-kite-176336 https://intothewind.com/itw-hydra-blue.html I bought these 2 to learn tricks on first. I really wanted a Kymera but couldn't find one anywhere online. The Skyscraper is basically a Widow ng with a simplified sail design so its cheaper. The Skyscraper is very smooth, axles extremely easy, and loves being on its back in fades and turtles. The hydra took me longer to click with but now I do enjoy it more than the Skyscraper. But the Hydra does yoyo based tricks significantly better than the Skyscraper which for
  22. I am just looking forward to learning any of them. First trick for me is to get a kite capable of doing them. You guys boggle my brain. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  23. The solution I have found at shoreline is to find where a blade of grass is (was?) growing and the push/twist your stake in along the grass blade. The ground is actually a bit softer there. I know this sounds weird, but it works most of the time. Don't even bother trying in the areas that are bare of and growth. If you are willing to wait a few weeks we will probably get some rain which softens the field and staking gets easier until the spring.🙂 I fly dual lines at Shoreline once or twice a week and will look for you next time I am there.
  24. thankyou...they are gorgeous, and they are a dream to fly, they cut through the air in their own special way like a hot knife through butter...my two Widow Maker Pros have that same sensation...must be a Skyburner trait... on the subject of B(uying) M(ore) K(ites)...my total so far this year is 10, 4 new and 6 used, all boutique-ish freestylers...whew it feels good to confess!
  25. i've used sky shark II 3pt on a couple hydras with no noticeable effect...the sky sharks are a little smaller in outside diameter so some masking tape is needed to fatten up the small end. i would like to find some black masking tape for appearance but a black felt pen kinda works. good luck
  26. I'm getting too old also. I have a rev power 2-4 that would work that is much safer because it's so easy to kill the power.
  27. I'd rather go retrieve the kite than call an Ambulance.. I attach my Kite killers to the brake bridles rather than the handles.. It collapses the kite a bit better. TBH, I don't powerkite much any more.. Not nearly as resilient as I used to be.. Probably should consider selling them at some point..
  28. LOVE my HQ Crossfires..Also the 8M Toxic is a sail to be respected..but those are all powerkites and INTENDED to move the flier in some form. True. I used it for a land board on the beach. The crossfire's are fun kites, but I'd recommend replacing the cheap HQ kitekillers. I NEVER let go of the handles so I never thought I would ever use them. When you're hovering 6 feet off the ground looking at the parking lot, you have to let go of the handles 😂. The kitekillers instantly ripped away from the wristbands.
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