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Various video tutorials, showing or explaining various sort kite tricks, maneuvers and techniques... Look for this section to expand rapidly in the coming months.

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      • Super helpful for a newer pilot. Always start with theory.
      • I have just received my first Djinn vented including the Pro Handles. I tried to fly with too little wind with no effect.

        With wind 6-15 brilliant. Messing around with leader lengths found what I considered a good starting point.

        Problem_ I have small hands, my middle fingers will not grip the handle (Duy...... Syndrome.) Trying to use JB,s Hand positions becomes difficult-

        If I place thumb on top of the handle my index fingers above the foam grip. I then lower my index finger my thumb is then on the back of the top tube. I can use my ring and little finger to hold the Foam. At present I am tempted to fashion a moulded thumb rest on the back face of the top tube.

        With the grip I am using I am able to give brake input Sideways 0-80 so I am towards JB,s ideal

        Any views on fashioning extra moulding on handles? Or any solutions to my Grip style



      • I was flying my Barresi Signature Series 1.5 Rev. In the past I used to tighten the brake lines rather than lengthen the top lines.

        Having watched the video, I added 13" graphite handles and added My home made top leaders ( Toal length 6" knotted 1" gaps.

        Wind was 1to 3 mph. On 12'' handles with equal leaders the kite took off OK and was manouvrable.

        On changing Handles to 13" and using full extension top leaders it was immediately noticeable that there was more control,

        and I was able to use the handles in the More horizontal attitude rather than the upright hold. I definitely recommend that top leaders are used. I will need to practice this in future.

        I suffer from some arthritis in my hands and fingers so was sceptical that balancing on the fingers would work. I was pleasantly surprised and with more practice perhaps a step up to ???




      • Looked at it again after quite a while. And learned something again. :sq-smile:

      • The ending slides <key concepts/points> are good

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