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Various tutorials on flying dual line kites.

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  1. Dual Line Tutorial - Assembly and Disassembly

    This tutorial from Kitelife.com breaks down an efficient and reliable assembly and disassembly method for most dual line sport / stunt kites.

    While putting your kite together and taking it apart may not be relevant to your flying, it DOES effect not only the longevity of the kite and its materials, but a proven process can greatly streamline and simplify your "before and after" on the field.

    You can look forward to a growing collection of similar tutorials covering equipment, flight techniques and other "pro secrets" gathered from over 20 years in the kiting community... A number of them will be available here on YouTube, while the majority of these tutorials will be located in the Kitelife Subscribers section, be sure to subscribe today if you like what we're doing here!



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