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    • If you ever find yourself inland near Greenville... East Carolina University has an outdoor student recreation area that is perfect. Eight multipurpose fields with beautifully maintained turf grass, two man-made lakes with fountains (one with a sand beach), a clubhouse with a lanai and picnic tables large enough to work on your kites, easy access to water and restrooms. If it weren't within the flight pattern of the local airport, it would be a perfect place to host a kite festival 🤔. 
    • Spoke to Lam maybe last week about an ATM SUL or something that would fit my needs. Something that will fly in next to nothing but is fully trickable in 3+. We decided an ITM or a new Dream Machine SUL was the best fit for this. Going to make this my next purchase once I'm allowed to buy kites again. The Shadow is really tricky. The stock bridle is a turbo, but its really prone to over steer. I fly a ITW Hydra as my main learning STD kite and it is a lot easier to track than the shadow. The great thing about the Shadow is that you can fly it walking backwards and using lightwind techniques to keep it up. Once it starts flying on it's own, it is trickable. Great kite. I want something that isn't so twitchy though.   
    • Jockey's Ridge for long lines and most winds. The Wright Memorial for when you want a big grass field.   The pond area behind the Whalehead Club up in Corolla. (It's across the road from Flying Smiles.)  
    • I'll check out Flying Smiles next week. What are your 3 favorite spots? I'm using the beach but would like somewhere with less people/fishermen.
    • Thanks.  I'm in Southern Shores, so not far at all. I will head up there next week.
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