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Any questions or discussions about team or pairs flying on this forum can usually be found here, we are lucky to have several veteran team fliers here in the KL forum.

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    • What camera ??
      So this is a question I've been fiddling with for a while. It really depends on what you plan to do with the footage, I believe. For personal improvement, some people place the camera at their back and up high enough so they can see both hand movements and kite performance. For your standard "VF" type of clips, when you want a short film demonstrating the most of your abilities, with little reference to yourself, and a lot to the kite, a regular DSLR or a GoPro type camera, both on a short stand in front of you would do the trick. It should be pointed out that the GoPro makes the kite look much smaller than with the DSLR, but allows a bigger filming window. Normally I would use a Gorilla stand standing on the roof of my vehicle, with either my phone, or an action camera, and film from the side or the back of the kite, or a few meters in front of me, to allow more field but less me. I like videos with multiple angles, like the ones of KarelOh, I feel it gives you a better sense and feel of the trick, and the kite's abilities. I've used a GoPro type action camera, a Xiaomi Yi, in two clips I've made, mounted on the kite itself, for the purpose of giving kite tricks a new perspective.
    • All kites, all the time
      Hi, I renewed an earlier interest in kites in 2012 with a kite skiing lesson. Not really caring for the cold weather, I moved on to kite buggying. I have amassed quite the collection of power kites because I enjoy flying different kites. I kite probably 5 days a week. I now look forward to winter for the kite skiing. A friend gave me a REV EXP and I bought several stunt kites. These are a nice option to alternate with the power kites. I have since acquired a few more 2 line kites and am working on REVs. It makes my day to just throw something up into the air. It is nice to have a community of folks who understand the simple pleasures.... Thanks for your time - and forum, Tami
    • High School Club
      Do you have a kite store in your area? The proprietor probably knows most kiters, clubs, and fields in your area, and definitely wants you to succeed. You and your students are future business!
    • High School Club
      Don't let Wayne scare you away! He only flies quad-line kites (and maybe a dualie occasionally) and hasn't heard about Single-Line Kites yet. People fly SLKs in closer proximity than three to a football field all the time! Small kites and cotton string are not dangerous, so testing coffee stirrer tetrahedrals should not require extra insurance. If school admin insists on it, take your fly private— just meet somewhere, invite parents, have fun and let it grow! If the school allows, you could make other kinds of inexpensive kites and fly them. There are plans all over the Internet. Get your Art Dept. involved! Have fun! I'm a member of several "big-time kite clubs" and organizations, and our big-time problems are always (1) good wind, (2) an open space, and (3) showing up! It seems you have two items whipped— you just need steady winds of 7–15 mph, and that you cannot control. However, with experience and a variety of kites, you can eventually expand that wind window to 0–20+ mph. Import some experience. Ask your dualie friend. KiteLife has a larger audience, but only a few hundred subscribers, so try a Facebook search on "kite" and your location to find new kiter friends. Contact your AKA Regional Director for suggestions; he/she is there to help all kiters, not just AKA members. Once you get started, your kites in the air may act as beacons to draw interested local people to your club. Good luck!
    • B-Series STD Package (5/25/16)
      I've been jilted so many times by RNG! I thought she was my Real Nice Girlfriend, but now I think she's a Rotten Nasty Grifter. Enough of the sweet talk! We are through, girl! I'm going to go with Cheatin' Bribes & Corruption! (We'll be calling you from a burner phone soon, John!)