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    • Planned obsolescence might be the way to describe it. Rev knew that their high end sails were in the hands of mostly serious fliers that would wear them out. Why do you think the "B" pro was developed? It found the weak points of the factory sail and strengthen or improved them. But even those wear out if flown hard. That mesh strip at the LE has always been a weak point, failure to do anything to improve it shows a lack of concern. On my own well flown Zen, I had to put home made wear strips down the verts to stop sail checking and fold strips to fix screen tears. But it won't last forever .....!
    • Cool dude, that's what I wanted to hear. The lady at kites and fun things, I don't recall the name, I spoke to here briefly about the kite on Saturday and she mentioned your name and said to give you a holler. I'm sure it will do well, I was wondering though if its a noisy kite like the ng or quiet, I like the quiet ones, my boy seems to like the noisy ones. I can find out when I call the shop back if you don't get back to me so no biggie. Will have to order in the next few days so it can be ready by the ocean shores kite fest in June as it well have to be made from scratch. none of the sul's in stock. Thanks vey much for the reply. We watched you and your teammates fly last year at wsikf and it was a real inspiration  for my boy. amazing work. Btw, do you still have the blue sportbrella? I saw an old post about that and had to reply, check it out, you may find it interesting.
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    • Wow, I have had the same blue sportbrella since I don't know when 2008-10 maybe and a smaller red one that's even older. I've used the blue one a lot more because its a 9 footer. I saw this and had to comment. My blue one has been to all the kite festivals in the nw for years, and it's been through living hell. Last year at the greyland festival the wind on Saturday was almost 30mph, the sound tent almost blew away. I had it set up behind the sound tent trying to get out of the wind but it was blowing so hard the wind blew around the backside and swirled behind the tent- it blew the sportbrella loose and it got inverted. I thought it was done. I got it home and all I needed to do was resew some of the loops that hold the frame to the material. I've rusted out the grommets, ripped out some of the hold downs only to resew them back, It's so faded now, it looks like an antique. I've ripped the storage bag strap off, poked holes in the bottom of the bag, each time I just pull out the trusty ole sewing machine and ttadaa, back in business. I've lost most of the sand stakes so now all the new stakes I can find are too large and won't go through the webbing, the knob stripped out that holds the extension pole, I went to lowes and bought a new knob for 3 bucks and drilled and tapped a new hole for it next to the old stripped out hole. good as new or better. Long live the Sportbrella!