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    • here's an option I have found end enjoyed recently.  A hard sided case for fishing poles from Orvis http://www.orvis.com/p/safe-passage-carry-it-all/14ZX?item_code=14ZX2152&adv=127748&cm_mmc=plas-_-FlyFishing-_-14ZX-_-127748&kpid=14ZX-21-52&gclid=CjwKEAjwrvq9BRD5gLyrufTqg0YSJACcuF81BVvqq4jLf8mVfk-4dxklbHtrKOes7QzJD0_1MpkbSxoCHrbw_wcB 180 bucks, it doesn't hold a Zen either unless you have a travel frame.  It does hold a ton of stuff and it is well protected and easily transportable   Separately Brianne (Howard?) will make a custom kite bag for you, exactly as you design it,... want a dry place to sit down?,... she can affix a fold-out panel just for your tail feathers.  Want a spot for six sets of handles with lines in place?  two parallel rows or a single stacked column?  You can see examples as inspiration,.. her effort is a couple of hundred bucks. Want a tow strap, funky handle locations on the corners, whatever you can imagine, obviously custom embroidered too.  Several friends have her stuff it is envy making every time I see 'em.
    • And throw logs on the fire!

      Congrats to all.

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    • Nope, and I'm not going to give any further clues. The purpose of extracting parts of the conversation was to share a fun and unexpected situation, without embarrassing individual sales employees. ... Hmm... I think such things could be generalized into a topic. How about a "Kite related misunderstandings and unexpected fun situations" topic in the "Home > General Kite Stuff > Open Topic" forum, the next time someone experiences something of that kind? I also realise that this post has completely left the Kymera drawing topic, not a single word relates to it and that I probably should volunteer for a walk into the corner of shame.
    • You can fit 2 kites per pocket.

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    • I don't know how much they were charging back in 2013 and beyond but $200 seems a bit steep for a 5-kite bag, no? As my collection has started to grow I've been contemplating a multi-kite bag and while I want to drink the kool-aid and get the 'proper' bag the price does seem a bit much. I've seen some of the older ones that are stitched well but can anyone vouch for their newer bags?