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    • The Winner of this Karma is @drdemonx. Please send me a private message with your address. Congratulations, Oscar   -------    
    • I broke an outer rod while in Atlantic Beach on my SLE just after changing to the lighter frame. I didn't  realize that the sections weren't fully engaged and it put too much stress on the end section and it cracked, only about 3/8 of an inch however. John said just flip it around and put the cracked end on the outboard side. I did and it worked. He also suggested repairing it with a wooden dowel rod when I returned home. I have since repaired it and it's holding up fine. I cut off the damaged end and sanded it flat. Then I turned down an appropriately sized dowel rod to fit the inside diameter of the carbon rod, trimmed it in length, then epoxied it in place. Worked great! Just don't try to put the repaired end in the middle .
    • I didn't crack it in the sky, I cracked it while trying to push it out of the leading edge to change the frame back to a lighter one after a big wind day. I do t get much big wind, so having a 4 wrap day was exciting. Tomorrow may also be big, lower 20s with gusts in upper 30s. Not a good time to have cracked one.

      Thanks for the reply.

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    • Most would retire it.. I would personally no longer use it in my 1.5 sails but there are other sails that use a shorter rod like a Supersonic, B2 etc.. If you have one of those you can cut it down and have a "spare spar" for that kite... A small crack in the end DOES weaken the rod  and while it could still be used somewhere where the split end is covered by a cap. It will continue to split and CF does splinter so there is an inherent risk to your sail with continuing to use it unless you cut it back properly and use it as a smaller size. The smart move would be to retire it and if applicable, use it for "parts". If you are cracking a 4 Wrap it might also be time to explore some more aggressive venting options.. OBX will be at 21MPH tomorrow and most of us I'm sure will be flying the most venting we can put our hands on..
    • Thanks, I am frustrated a little with my timing. I was behind the kite all day. The lines are 25m. That was a sloppy stall at 1:32 that happened to slide a little. I was trying to do that cartwheel landing thing, and didn't get the stall just right. That's more of my hoppin' and poppin' thing. I try to get the kite to fly, but not quite. It helps me to get the feel of the kite, and the balance between flying and not flying.