All discussion pertaining to sport kite competition in the USA or internationally, rules, tips & techniques, organization, or anything else related.

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    • Revolution B series
      Sometimes true love takes time...   SHBKF
    • WEB SITES?
      So it's dang cold tonight with no prospect of flying a kite anytime soon.  So I am reading this interesting topic. At this location, out here in the sticks, I too once had a party line.  We didn't call it hacking way back then but someone spliced into my line about two miles away.  They used it carefully & had free phone for quite some time.  I finally called the investigator after about getting kicked out of my home by an irate spouse who heard someone talking to a lady one night....  but not really on this topic.  Just a little story for your amusement.   SHBKF
    • WEB SITES?
      Actually this time it's asking me if I want to open, save or cancel VDYPR8EE.json , I don't do anything and it stays at the bottom of my screen. But I'm thinking json must have something to do in this site, it's not there in other sites I visit.
    • WEB SITES?   It is important to say which browser you're using. More than likely, I would guess your browser is out of date (like Internet Explorer 8), and doesn't understand the fancy Kitelife page, that's why you're not seeing the page the way it was intended. 
    • WEB SITES?
      Ok, at the bottom of my screen comes a yellow long box that says "Do you want to open or save 5FGZEEFW.json from" That's what is in the yellow box at the bottom of my screen. On the right side of the box it has choices to open save cancel and an x just to remove that message, but if I click on or try to move further in the site a new box opens and asks me if I want to open or save the .json stuff from kitelife. To me the ".json"  is the constant while the letters and numbers before the .json changes. So to me the .json came from somewhere that only appears at the kitelife website. So someone must know something about .json  and why it's showing up as a choice to open or save. or cancel. I just leave it on the screen, But I want to know why it's happening lately. I know there is some computer wizkids here that know what's happening. What is .json and why am I being confronted with the question to open save or cancel this file?