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    • Most of the time when I go flying, I'll anchor off multiple kites. I have noticed that when I go to get another kite, the kite or kites in the sky will begin to act up. Has anyone else had this experience?    For example: (this might be a long story) One day I headed to the park wanting to see if Clark's Crystal would be a fun tumbler. Well, the winds were a bit on the light side for a box kite but the gusts seemed way more frequent than the lulls. It wasn't the best tumbler, but it flew well with little to no input from me when there was enough wind. So, I anchored it. Took a couple of pictures. Watched it fly. Rechecked the anchor. Watched it fly. Walked off to grab a delta and another anchor.  Watched it fall slowly to the ground. Long line launch- Watched it soar into the air.  Took a couple of pictures. Walked off the grab that delta.[Repeat twice] I'm launching the delta as I walk over to do a long line launch on the Crystal. Both kites are in the air. Success!  Since the Crystal wants to fly to the NNW and flies at a lower angle then the delta which is flying straight north at a higher angle, I anchor the delta upwind of the Crystal.  All is well. Walk around. Take some pictures. Watch them fly.  Then I go digging for a line set for the Quantum. That's when I heard a familiar yet oddly different song...   "And they whirl and they twirl and they tango
      Singing and Jinging a Jango
      Floating like the heavens above
      Looks like Box Kite Love..." ...And that's when I looked up. Really..? So I break up the obscenities. I move the delta upwind. Watch them fly separately. I notice another kite on the other side of the park. Very cool, too bad they set up so far away, as the park runs a half mile north/south and east/west at its widest point. I go back to looking for that line set. Both kites decide they would rather be on the ground. Lines found. Kites relaunched. As I'm laying out my lines, I notice that the kite is no longer flying at the other side of the park. The kite is now headed toward my side of the park. They have to walk around a large pond that runs through the middle of the park. I see it's a stunt kite(I couldn't tell from across the park) I hurry up and lay out the lines, thinking that I can put the Quantum in the air and fly over towa...   "And they whirl and they twirl and they tango
      Singing and Jinging a Jango
      Floating like the heavens above
      Looks like Box Kite Love..." ...You gotta be kidding me. By the time I was finished un-weaving that love nest of string and tails, he was almost to me.  I grab the Quantum and put it together while I am walking toward him. ...And I'm Chewing gum. The kite looks familiar. It's small and he is having to work to keep it in the air when the wind lulls. It's a Jazz. He had found the kite at his parent's house and had replaced the missing top spreader with a wooden dowel.  I hooked up the Quantum to his lines and adjusted the bridle toward "light".  He flew it around a bit and commented on how much easier it was to fly.  I picked up his Jazz and we moved toward better wind, toward where my anchored kites were... slowly... falling... to the ground.  Gee, I wasn't even going to fly the Jazz... I'm watching him fly the Quantum, and taking pictures, as I find a spot to put the Jazz where it won't get stepped on.  He has the kite at the top of the wind window, the kite goes into a back flip and does a complete roll-up. Very cool. The kite slowly sinks back to the ground. He asks me, "What do I do?" "I dunno, Yank both lines" Kite unrolls a couple of feet above the ground. Sticks the landing. Super Cool. ...And he didn't mean to do that... Well, that's what he said. The Jazz finds shelter near a tree. I relaunch the Crystal. The delta self-launches as I walk over to it.  I avoid even looking at the Jazz. After he left, I did get to fly the Quantum without any more incidents, or roll-ups.... but I had that song stuck in my head... So, does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me?
    • Thanks for all the congratulations. I do feel very happy about this one and generous, too.  Carefully going over all the stuff I could give away that anyone might want. I have kites, of course, but also very cool Chinese plate winders, eagle kites, stakes, tons of sewing and building stuff, unique fabric weights, fighter kites galore and hoop winders for them...And I make these spinning drogues that people seem to like. What do you people think?  What kind of give away would be attractive?   
    • yes yes another wonderful package!  Now there is only to win it.  Hmmmm
    • Good Looking kite...good to see you are happy with your kite choice. Don't think I have read a single negative comment about Lam's kites.
    • I recently had Lam build me one of his new AC dual line stunters in SUL & received it yesterday. Let me first say I've been flying for a long time but gave it up in 2000 & just came back to kiting this year - so I am very much an 'old skool' flyer that progressed to doing only axels before I put my lines down. That being said, I took the AC SUL out for a 'spin' yesterday in very light winds (2-5mph) & my flying "came alive" again!!! Starting with just general flying, progressing to precision moves, & then on to some very basic 'tricks', the AC was flying as if by telepathy - everything I wanted to do in my thought process translated perfectly into actual kite maneuvers!!! I have never connected with a dual line stunter so quickly & so thoroughly as I did with the AC SUL!! I know I have a loonng way to go to catch up on all the latest tricks, but this kite is so capable of executing the tricks while providing razor sharp precision handling  - and all so effortlessly!! The AC SUL makes kite flying FUN AGAIN!!!!!! I used to watch Lam compete in the '90's & knew then he was a world-class flyer - I hadn't realized he also became world-class in kite design/manufacture as well!!!! Here's a photo of my new AC SUL