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    • @kevmort PC31 is a polycarbonate fabric also trademarked as Icarex.. It's is more water resistant than Nylon and seems to be lighter.. IT's the fabric of choice for high end kites. We refer to it as PC31, Icarex or commonly Poly. @ACrop They are all PC31 but some are scaps from older runs that may simply be different dye lots. From the front one almost looks black but turns oberjin (eggplant) when backlit.  Two very similar purples, a lavender, an Eggplant and a purple wine are the pieces I have.. These all came as scrap pieces so I don't know the proper color names.. FWIW, some of these are the much older Icarex that had a rectangular grid instead of the square grid we are more familiar with.
    • What’s the p31 ??? Please

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    • Are all your purples icarex p31? Can ya post a picture of the purples for me???

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    • Finally had a chance to get the Tensor in the air.  All I can say is wow.  I flew it in winds between 7-11 mph with a few higher gusts.  The 3.1 was definitely the right choice.  After about 30 minutes is was huffin and puffin and arms where getting tired.  This thing is a work out.  Cant wait to try and fly it in its four ling configuration.
    • Lots of fliers underestimate fundamental control as mere “precision” when it’s the very thing that allows you to set up your tricks reliably, consistently, in the right places in the wind window and with the right sail pressure. 🙏🏻