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As a proud supporter of all things kiting, we try to post any new and interesting raffles or contests from the AKA and other pro-kite organizations.

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    • Another great video. Counted 31 axles in a 2 min. video, wtf! Can you do a new video for axles. I'm confused about which hand to pop out of a inverted slide/ dive stop? Thought I had them before quad clinic. But when you told me I was doing them offhand/ backhand my mind hasn't caught up. I've launched a canoe off one of those docks with the Willamette paddle trail people at a conference. Near OMSI? Awesome urban flying spot. I feel like I've reached a plateau in my flying,  were I'm only improving if I'm in beach winds. If I'm inland flying I'm only knocking  the rust off. This video gave me a new skill to work on. I hnow i already do it subconsciously,  but deliberately practicing it will help.
    • Thanks for the input everyone.  I like to build, but my “experiments” have never gone well, so I try to concentrate on well established plans now.  If it’s not something then works well with Icarex, I’m going to pass.  
    • You can dead launch a G too! On grass. Put it on its back with the nose pointing away from you. Walk away from it letting out a good deal of line. At least 15 meters. Now take up a little tension, then a short pop and reel the line in and watch it climb. Sent from my SM-G950F using KiteLife mobile app
    • I believe it was just something like 'MLD Kite Line Bag' or some such. I also have some single zipped pouches in the series. Brief search brought up this reference, but no longer available if that is true: http://www.windpowersports.com/accessories/bags/mld-line-bag.php    
    • The PolyMax holds a crease well, sews well and is a good very low cost fabric to work with.. The Cons, It does tend to have some wrinkles, color inconsistencies, and only comes in the one color.   If you are experimenting with a build idea, this is the lowest cost way to get there.
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