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Tips for safe transport of kites as well as advice for dealing with any aspect of travel to and from kiting events.

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  1. Travel with a REV

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  2. Ocean City Sept 19-20

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  3. fields in Cincoteague VA area?

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  4. Taking kite on Holiday

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    • ISO WIDOWMAKER or a WIDOWMAKER pro. Gently used. If you have and are willing to part with one please let me know   JC     Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
    • ISO WIDOWMAKER or a WIDOWMAKER pro. Gently used. If you have and are willing to part with one please let me know   JC     Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
    • Any one knowledgeable with these. CXL sky shark.  Used in two builder the 150 l.e. 250 spine, spreader.  Large diameter but read that they are  15% stronger than previous versions.  They seem more flexible than the p 200 a used on another kit for bottom spreader but are 12.5 g compared to 16g of p200.  Mainly interested in large 8 ft light wind dual line.  Trick capable above precision so made first one very wide aspect.  Probably too much.  Just experimenting and having fun.  New to sewing so it is sloppy and slow go.  On to #3  8ft again more total sail area, much wider sail tip where a batten will go form TE pocket to LE connector.  Will try taking out all non taut areas with micrcarbon from TE pocket to top spreader or LE connector.  Back to question?  Think these are used for quads.  Kites and Fun Things sell  quad frame kits with 150 250 350.  Think rebound is more responsive.  The price is awesome at 3.50. 2.50 @ 12.  Any way let me know if I might can lighten up the future kites with out sacrificing strength.  Like large wind range.  I am a very lame pilot.  Have a micron I love to fly in hurricane winds and baby tana light wind. Bought a Stormy Pete for blasting wind but plan to lighten it up, too heavy.  Any input would help.  Use all homemade connectors and fittings because I am frugal and enjoy using stuff I have ie plastic cloths hangers for stand offs, fuel hose LE connectors etc. Thanks for any input!  Michael marmarasmichael@gmail.com
    • Thanks for offering this open format forum.  I have been making miniature half scale for years.  Love flying the fast and furious ones.  Enjoy my dual liners so started making my own.  Two complete. One high aspect trickster 98 inch 8.4oz. 6 stand offs.  Other precision 8 ft. Very arched LE. 8.2 oz.  Both cxl 150 for lighter wind which I prefer. Zero ok too.  On to another.  All are going to be very taut with no baggyness ie extra wing battens and micro carbon anywhere needed even pocket to pocket sewn into sail.  Enough rambling will share my knowledge about fighter kites after making hundreds of different sizes and designs.  Will need help with stunt kite design.  Totally reckless experimental homemade kind of guy.  Look forward to maybe helping or being helped.   Thanks  Michael Marmarase 
    • New to forum first post.  Have been making fighters for many years. Hundreds  Experimented with every conceivable design and size.  Only make a few now but mainly miniature hata or buka. Hata usually 7x10.  Buka 7x11.  Can't really bet the simplest designs.  All made of bamboo and metalized polypropylene ie. Foil wrapping sheets.  Keep a few on hand always give away rest.  Started making 2 line stunt kites. One high aspect light wind trickster 8.4 too heavy. Second precision very curved L E.  8.2 oz. CXL 150 both kites.  Both are extra taut 3 standoffs on one.  Don't want any baggyness in one I m making so will add s.o. after built as needed and putting battens near tip and micrcarbon from trailing edge pocket to top cross or tie into leading edge as needed.  Post when done.  Micheal
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