Kite Travel

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Tips for safe transport of kites as well as advice for dealing with any aspect of travel to and from kiting events.

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    • Hey! Busy week. Sorry I couldn’t be on yesterday to see this. Thanks!!!
    • @SmokeHavel Ready for this??? You are already in.. As a paid subscriber, you not only have the tutorials but you are also automatically entered in @John Barresi's regular KiteLife drawings..
    • So, I'm good? What do i do to get in on the freakin' awesome kite giveaway?
    • Brianne's Howard kite bags are custom made, so when you finally know exactly what you want you can order it custom from her.  Price and quality are both excellent!   Do you want a place to sit down, dry on the bag unfolded, the ability of the bag to be suspended from Rev's pole stakes, what if you only wanted half of it that day, can it be separated, do you want a hard-sided, but still light weight protection item with handles, straps, zippers, clip-on points to tie it down too?  What about an ugly fabric liner to offset the drab appearance of the black outer layer?  Yeah, well I wanted all of that stuff for my stacks of baby Revs! I bought a bunch of intermediate solutions, all manner of materials and sizes.  I have an into the wind bag for longish kites, an indoor kite case of a plastic expandable map-tube, an Orvis long fishing pole case, a couple of SKB golf club/bags carriers and the mini-rev case/carrier.  It all doesn't go everywhere, but that's why I own a Mini-van, just in case all the case need to be there. Don't waste money, use old lawn/beach chair bags until you know exactly what is required for you purposes.  It's not just a kite bag, it's your loved ones with you, protected and accessible.  All your best crap in a carrier worthy of that investment! Brianne's Case.pdf
    • Played with the Solus colorizer till I was blue(maybe green) in the face. Getting close to the build . Now I'd rather Jon T does what strikes his fancy at the time. If I have to choose I will but I haven't seen a ugly one yet. I like to bring the colors in towards the center so it gives a eyeball effect.Polo's colorizer allows for that too. Maybe I spend to much time with Lam eyes looking at me LOL. To my eyes your Phoenix draws me towards center also. Designs like that give me the illusion of movement when sitting still.