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Tips for safe transport of kites as well as advice for dealing with any aspect of travel to and from kiting events.

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    • I will watch for that, I’m still a bit uncertain, trying to get more info, have read that some tricks like yo yo,s are hard to accomplish, and I want a kite to, learn more tricking with. I have been flying for pleasure for about twenty years but never really got to grips with tricking, apart from the basics.
    • I hear ya, and my reply was sort of in jest re buying (more) kites, as I'm sure you have a bunch... I've come to the conclusion that my physical  "isolation" from the kiting community is sort of a blessing in a way as I can still go and fly in a couple of places within walking/hiking distance from my house, and take the appropriate kites with me for those flying spots. Even at the beach(es) close to me, like across the street, very rarely are there kites in the air except for the "running around with the plastic kite" folks who have an absolute blast. I purposely go to another spot more for safety reasons when this happens. No biggie. I don't mind the isolation part as one of the reasons I fly kites is to savour my alone time....my "job" as a musician is very social. Now having said that I am missing my work and socializing, as this is the time of year I should be out touring festivals....with an iFlite in the stick back, a Switch in a snare drum case, and a Rev 2 with 2wrap travel fame in the hardware case. I have a friend who is a sponsored flier and  he normally would be touring around kite fests, and also has not been able to physically connect with his team of fellow fliers. And like yourself, has a few new spiffy kites that haven't seen airtime yet. Plus of course being cautious, I haven't been able to go and hang out with him and try out new stuff. I would have to deal with ferries and the city....not.... My partner and myself help produce Art and Music fests, and although she still has admin work to do, there is a huge cultural drop....except for "virtual" stuff and like a kite fest, not the same at all. Yep....pretty crazy times, and like yourself I have zero interest in antisocial media....except for this lifeline here. So thanks folks for all your virtual companionship!!! bt  
    • Great to fly. A few hours on the line with one and I wanted to buy it... Until I looked closely at the specs.  The leading edge doesn't break down, so it is a long kite put away. While it is fine for many people it means I cannot transport it without wedging it in diagonally against the side wall. I have re-measured my vehicle a bunch of ways, diagonally, secured halfway up a wall panel, etc. Make sure it fits in your bag and vehicle.  If you have room, it flies like a dream. Soft and gentle when you need it, and a moment later handles yank-and-spank motions as graceful commands. 
    • I guess the fulfillment of the build for me is also getting to fly and I've been sorely lacking in that dept. I love making kites and I love sharing. I guess I'm just missing the flying part a lot!! and in all honesty my post was more of a rant than standing on principle.. I love the community part of kiting and that's just not the same right now.
    • I can understand that.. I also understand it's necessary to some extent.. Just getting stir crazy wanting to fly kites. Other than bridle tests, I haven't really been able to fly since early Feb..
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