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Looking for other kite fliers in your part of the world? Click in here, find your the discussion for your general area and say hello - kiting is better with company, make a connection here! If you don't see your area listed, send the admin a note and we'll try to arrange something. 

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    • That's the main reason for the travel frame.. It breaks a Hadziki Wing into smaller segment for travel.. Will fit in a backpack, suitcase or even some lunchboxes.. The Added benefit  @Paul LaMasters mentioned, is you can tune the individual segments of the frame for the proper flex and stiffness you want. Like putting a 3 wrap in the center with race or 2 wraps on the ends.. Now you have 6 segments to play with and you can focus the strength (or flex) only where it is desired.  You can do a whole other level of tuning for your sail. My Travel Frame is all Skyshark Camo (P2 and P4) and has a few extra segments so I can adjust the size of the frame to work with any size from B2 to my 96" size and everything in between.  
    • Hmm… imagine being out on a cafe close to a nice open surrounding, conversation going in a somewhat boring direction. With this in your “city sized” bag/back pack, how tempting would it be to make a poor excuse for sneaking away? This must be the kite-o-holic’s equivalent of a hip bottle. Photo by Tomasz G. Sienicki
      ( https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Piersiówka_ubt.jpeg )
    • I just had forty minutes in 6mph winds with the quantum.  Great fun. Waaaay slower than the limbo,  and more stately.  Got a helicopter and a belly launch.  Nothing broken. Woo hoo!
    • There used to be a brand of kite line called "spider line", it was blue, made from the same stuff as today's Dyneema and Spectra names. I've still got a bit of it on a winder. I think if I knew there were spiders out ballooning,  I'd call that as a good day to fly indoors.
    • In the fall after our first freeze these hatch . Just on my land tens if not hundreds of thousands of babies spin out 1 to 2 feet of web and ride the winds. They burrow down in the grasses and hide for the winter.In early spring there is another hatching but only about 25% as many.This year was dry and mosquitos being their main food source there weren't many adults to be seen. When food is plentiful the bigger ones grow to more than 5" long.They won't make you sick but trust me their bite HURTS.In wetter years we've seen the prairie covered by so many it looks like dew in the afternoon. Today was the first clear day since they started hatching. About ten minutes in I noticed a couple of hundred or more of them on my flying lines glinting in the sun. It was absolutely stunning. When one would blow off another would attach.At times today I'd stop what I was doing  and just twirl the kite across the face of the sun admiring the spectacle. Very unexpected and outstanding afternoon of flying.