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    • Holding an inverted hover indoors isn't difficult for me, that's about keeping the pace up to hold it aloft. This has been about making an active transition from forward to reverse indoor.  My next phase indoor will be converting "I can have controlled reverse indoor", to "I can always fly in reverse indoor." I love the mantra: An amateur practices until they can get it right, a professional practices until they cannot get it wrong.  Outdoors I'm confident (until I have 2000 spectators, then my brain freaks out), I can do the soda can wingtip landing, and I love flying with teams when I can be with them. My current difficulty is holding a position even when the wind doesn't want to cooperate; at SPI in the group flies I lost some control on one instance after holding an inverted diagonal hover in a ball for an extended time in light wind, and more than once had difficulty moving and staying at the very top of the window in light wind. John's calls were reaching right up to the very top of the window and I had been experimenting with adding even more brake; so even fully pulling back my 15" handles so the line and the handle were basically touching the entire length still couldn't gain and hold the position. As mentioned on the last page, doing it even when the And as for dropping handles occasionally, I spent about 2 hours at SPI pre-event working with the other Paul on some precision work, and my own sudden tugs were sometimes enough to pull it from my grip. It was a bit embarrassing, but he said not to change the position of the grip since it allows better feel and reaction.  When working with Brett on quad axels, I similarly lost the grip a few times, so I think I'm there with the gentle grip.
    • Now that IS cool. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
    • Good test for the vent today at 21.6mph. But I don’t think the thermometer is working 🥶     Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app    
    • I approve. Nicely done. I still like the Painted Desert the best, but feel free to top that one.
    • The kite MUST back-up from an inverted position,  regardless of wing or wind (configuration/conditions) indoors or outside.  "That is the quad-line effect". Show me, simple as that, the better demonstrated the more impressive it shall be.  Control, that is the soul of a quad flyer. Just keep working on it, I start every pilot upside down, the sooner you are comfortable an inch high/inverted, the sooner you are one of us. Land/balance on the trash can lid too, (when it's a soda pop can instead, that is the control being displayed that impresses other quad-heads) Then you're ready for team or group flies as well, you "stay in your own lane when driving and are welcomed into our traffic patterns!" Don't think about the flight actions (did you envision water pouring from the faucet this morning, brushing' teeth?), Nope, just felt it happening unconsiously.  Hold the handles so softly you drop 'em occasionally, think "move two feet and stop", then 2 more. Control, the music happens on the stops.
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