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    • I have found a decent place for flying kites, actually, that's why I am posting again. After extensive research on the local customs, I've come to realize that 1: only "poor people" fly kites 2: There is no other type of kite available nor anyone who flies it (except for kite surfing) in this country, thus anything other than fighters kites or the stuff I make myself will have to be bought from outside of Brazil, which is impossible at the moment due to the fact that the national post mail service stopped receiving and delivering all packages because of the recent virus outbreak 3: "rich people" do not fly kites (nor RC airplanes, apparently) 4: there is some serious technique behind the fighter kite and it's potential is huge. Taking the time to learn the one-line flying style may be worth by the maneuvers it can perform alone 5: people who fly kites never bother taking more than 10 steps out of their houses to fly them, in fact, the whole objective is to fly them "in the hood" to hunt the other kites, therefore fighter kites are absent in desolated locations as the city's outskirts (even though they can still destroy other high-flying kites up to 3km away).  With that in mind, I believe it's safe to assume that regular neighborhoods got a 3km radius of red zone attached to them. Flying in areas surrounded by nothing but the private residential districts ( that's where "rich" people live, basically) and farms seems safe if I don't climb past 400m. Anything higher than that and it'll be bait for the kites from the nearest hoods at 1.5km - 2.5km away. Now for the place I actually found... It's a piece of elevated ground (about 8 meters of elevation squeezed between a highway and a private residential district (which is about 50m away). The length of the land is about 200m with a rough width of 25m. No trees, no electric wires, pure open space (feels even bigger because of its elevation), and the wind always seems to be strong there, with plenty of room to fly a kite. What really wanna know is that would it really be safe to fly kites so close to a highway like that? I'm sure there won't be a problem with the local laws, but I'm concerned about the general safety. Also, I already started working on the mini fighter kite prototype, the structure is ready, but the kite paper I bought came in a tube and I need it 100% flat to glue it on, so I placed some heavy stuff over it to see if it will flatten over time. If anyone knows how to effectively flatten thin paper quickly and reliably let me know.
    • The first link was my Gallery.  If you look through the Kite Making section of the forum, pretty much every build has been documented here in some way.
    • Thank you for sharing.   The kites presented in the bottom two links are stunning! (I had trouble with the first link.) It boggles the mind to consider the intricacies of planning and execution involved with that diamond pattern. So beautifully done! Much respect.     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Thank you very much for the compliment. @westers In response to your question I started a new topic.  
    • @westersIn response to your question I started another topic to cover my evolution as a kite maker. I started out with the intent of making my own and wanting a Shook Mesh I couldn't afford. Since I wasn't comfortable hemming and folding strips at the time I started out with Gomberg Skywriter tails. My first efforts are all in my HomeMade gallery. Older kites are on Page 3 (as of this post) In Fall 2017 I made my first kite  that wasn't made from tails. I got some closeout material from one of the regular vendors and made my First indigo sunrise. I made to decision to learn the craft fully and in very Early 2018 and spent some time with Eliot Shook down at Flying Smiles Kites and he showed me the basics for the Leading Edge.  I also started playing with Orange and Blue Nylon that was part of the same sale. The Perspective Stack, Midnight Royal Taboo, and The Jester followed very quickly. The Jester spawned the technique I refined to make the original Diamonds kite in Feb 2018. I then got up the nerve to order some Icarex and asked for all the scraps they were willing to let me have.  I've been playing with color, designs, materials and refinements ever since.  That pretty much sums up my personal evolution as a kite maker.  
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