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    • Basically, the surface is rough enough that I don't want the kite dragging on anything but the end caps.  I'll mostly be using Djinn, so dragging on the end caps is no problem.
    • I feel like this must have been discussed here before, but for the life of me I can't find it.  If there's already a post somewhere, feel free to just point me to it. As it gets hotter at my favorite spot, the parking lot often has better wind than the field, and I'd like to start flying there instead.  I'm interested in thoughts on how to set up, launch, and take down the kite in this situation.  Let's assume I'm on (abrasive) concrete with 30 foot lines and no way to anchor the handles while I set up (unless I bring something). What's the safest procedure to set up, launch, and then pack up? 
    • Two more Djinn and a Rev to add: Rev EXP Rev 1.5 B Full  Rev 1.5 B STD Rev 1.5 Reflex Classic STD (Reflex removed) Caicos Quad (aka Peter Powell Omni) Djinn ST (Cool Fade) Djinn MV (Hot Fade) Djinn FV (Green Fade) Djinn XT (Green Fade) 5 self-made
    • Hey CarbonCrusher, As usual, you have received good feedback and help here.  This is a GREAT group of individuals who are always willing to help!! Regarding your question of the Challenger sport kites available from www.oceanshoreskites.com.  I currently own both a STD and a Vented Challenger that I purchased from Andy and Brenda.  They have a fantastic kite shop there in Ocean Shores and just in case you do make contact with mother earth a little harder than intended, who hasn't, they have all the parts you may need to get your kite back in the air.  They also carry many other items to make your flying all it can be🤪  Riffclown is correct in that you really cannot order online, but that is not a problem.  Just pick up the phone.  They are more than happy to answer your questions, take your order and get your new kite in the mail. By the way, I am very, very happy with my Challengers and would not hesitate to purchase another one!! Regards, Lon
    • That's because active pilots don't generally sell their gear. It happens sometimes, which is what gets posted here. Most sales of good gear are people getting out of flying and want it to go where it will be used, but only after trying to get it to people they personally know who want to fly.  When they are posted they are often snapped up quickly.  Often it is easier to find listings on social media, local sales boards like Craigslist, and general sites like eBay, from people who inherent a bunch of good kites and don't know what else to do with them. Often they sell them as a group, like a bundle of 15 kites from the 1980s or 1990s with minimal description or photos. There's also people who only flew once and gave up, with a huge range of gear quality. 
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