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    • if any of the flexi rages or blurrs on ebay strike your fancy, i'll sell them direct to you for 10% off of those prices, since that would just go to ebay, anyway. tomdiving@yahoo.com
    • I have been flying kites for over 10 years, general sport flying and bit of precision, now wanting to progress into more tricks. The Is any Benson kite good, or does any one stand out as easier..
    • Decided to jump in on this thread since I haven't seen a lot of discussion on the Fulcrum...  Second time out on 30' lines (I'm too lazy to use anything else on these hot days 😁) I started to get the hang of launching the Fulcrum from its back (standard leading edge up attitude, allow the kite to lie on its back and rock back until the trailing edge lifts a little, then apply gentle pressure on the lines as it rises). What I've yet to figure out is what's the exit maneuver? I've tried a couple of things that got the front of the sail facing back to me, but none of them seemed particularly graceful. I even tried stepping into it once and succeeded in rolling the lines around the kite for a full rotation. Sure, the front of the sail was facing me, but it really felt like I was going even deeper down the rabbit hole at that point. 
    • So I've done something on the lowest end of the smart scale. My original mesh, made with the Blue & Black Gomberg Tails and a Lime Leading edge has been misplaced along with a set of handles and 35' lines. I'm not sure I've even flown it this year. I have no idea where I left it unless I left it at Jockey's Ridge last year, or loaned it out and forgot to ask for it back..  Jockey's Ridge is the last time I remember taking it out of the bag. YES it was made with duct tape, Gomberg Tails and Arrow Shafts BUT this is the kite that began my kite making adventure and it was rock solid when everything else was getting squirrely due to the gusts. It was sail #1. (of 74 so far) Of course, I'll remake the color design using modern materials and techniques but this kite taught me a lot about how forgiving the Shook mesh and original Hadzicki wing shape really is. It was still my "go to" when others were taking cover. I don't mind the lost investment. I do wish I could recover the lost personal history. Money wise, The handles and lines were worth far more than the kite. Memory wise it's the kite that's just not replaceable. Bummer
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