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    • Are you on FaceBook? There are several - for sale/WTB pages there. If you belong, you might try them too.
    • I am a newbie to, tto kites. i have just transfered from shop brought cheap kites to decent but not top quality kites.   The jump in costs is considerable. i can buy a 8m puss from china for £30 delivered and ready to go, i also cant buy the material to make it and then add time to sew it plus delivery and handling. I can also buy a 8m2 lifter kite from new zealand for £300 plus postage, real kites i have found cost real money and will last a real long time. my cheap chinese kite for a few pounds will only last a few flys.   I brought a roko kite last year, cheap as chips to buy, after the second flight i was sewing seams back together, after the fourth flight i am now the proud owner of a roko wall hanging ordiment as it would never fly again, the seams were to thin and pulled apart, the material is a tough as wet tissue paper and the rods are made from black painted bamboo thats just as nasty as can be, even though the chinese translation of cheap nasty black painted bamboo is " carbon fibre"??????????? who knew?? With making kites, theres only two real reasons to both as its cheaper to pay and buy them. 1, you want your kite, made by you, for you,, designed by you and its a one off never to be made by anyone else, no matter what the costs and when we do it at home belive me its not going to be cheap, but its going to have that  quailty level you have set  your self and those design features you thing a kite should have,andbecaause of that it is going to be perfectly priced. all of the hand made kite i have ever seen are beautiful one off's that could never be made in a mass prroduced factory   2, the only other reason is to make a kite to sell it to someone else    
    • I'm looking for a 10 ft. Flexi that has either a STARS and STRIPES, FLAMES, RAINBOW or all BLACK pattern. Maybe interested in a 12ft or 16ft. if you have one. Thanks!
    • Up for sale is the “back-up” or 2nd sail that was made for the 2012 Build-off challenge.   Forgive me for not finding the link about the history of this challenge. Anyone who knows of it please feel free to correct me.   In 2012 there was a Designers challenge created to showcase the work of notable builders. Each chosen builder made 2 sails for the event. One of the sails went up on an online auction and the second sail I think went to Ben D at Revolution.   This is the 2nd or back-up sail which Kevin Bayless created for that event.   I purchased this quad used about 2 years ago and have only flown it once. It’s has been flown by the previous owner and is in good condition.   There is a couple of small stains from the paint that was used which transferred from being rolled up in the bag and stored. These stains were there when I purchased the kite and I have not seen any additional transferring since I have owned it.   Framed in Rev 3 wrap.   No lines or handles included.   $500 includes USPS Priority shipping.   Continental US only   Prefer F to F PayPal but willing to discuss other payment options.       Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
    • thanks to wayne and edmond for your feedback cheers gulf of thailand
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