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    • I had a love hate relationship with the colourizer when I was working on a B Pro set. Fell back in love doing my Djinns though.   Sent from my SM-G950F using KiteLife mobile app        
    • I am going out on a limb and say it might be similar to a pancake landing followed by a belly launch. But that does not answer the hover question.
    • Hi FreePistol, I just saw this thread and wanted to personally apologize for the delay with this order. We ran out of the specific color you ordered and had to bring more in stock. By the time the shipment arrived we had some planned warehouse changes, which further delayed the order. I sincerely apologize for this perfect storm of delays. Upon checking into the order I do see that the kite was delivered and I hope you are enjoying it! Please let me know if you have any issues and if there is anything I can help you with please let me know! Thanks Brendan Pro Kite USA  
    • Probably more of a 51/49 in my favor. Beings how I'm not self centered or the like but there's no one in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD that needs that kite more than me. I'm sure the rng knows and understands. The black models are a little narrower at the wing tips and nose. They're 58" and the newer rainbow is 57". So I've read.I prefer the black and red. Surely that ups it to 52/48.
    • In one of the archived magazines(can't remember which one) at a competition in Hawaii the winds were blowing most everyone out of the sky. Fella flew nose down, landed, took off and never put the LE on the ground. Nose diving was the very first trick I learned after take off. Extremely easy to do.Learned that even before landing 🤪. Intentionally landing a duel on the nose in light winds seems so counter intuitive let alone 20 mph plus. Then the take off!!! I tried the trick again today in winds 5 and less on the Widow Maker ,Tekken SUL and Black Dog. Closest to success on the Black Dog. I can hit the landing and stay balanced 10% from the fade, unrolling or snap stall with a 1/2 turn. Coming straight down center window I think the only way to do it is just before the nose hits push with a slight flare. Do not have the nerve to try that yet. I can't take off without touching another part of the kite to the ground. The only small success is flipping the kite into a rising fade. My rising fades still need a lot of practice. None of the approaches I use are what was described in the article. Seems impossible. Yesterday in 20 to 25 mph it feels like the higher winds provide  the best chance for a take off. Balanced on the nose , pull the kite forward, push, pop but I drag the wing tip.Not enough elevation.Nose landings in those winds are beyond me for now. I'm thinking after the kites nose hit the ground maybe it bounced a bit. If that's the case then I should only try on my carbon tubed kites. Psycho, Black Dog and grand kids Addiction.Problem with that theory is I think it was done on a sandy beach.Watched some quad videos of kites coming full bore to a dead stop inches off the ground but can't connect that to a duel in my mind at all. Can't find a video of it being done. Don't even know what it's called. Does any one do this. Can any one explain how it's done?