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    • Sorry, just a little jab, didn't mean anything by it. But you now see how hard it can be. Glad riff is helping. He has built more kites in recent history that anyome I know. Do not know of any Zen plan out there. Bazzer made them for Rev. He hasn't built a Phoenix version.
    • SHHHHH!! @DTill  Positive no ill intent was there.. The secret is not your first kite.. The secret is, "Is your latest one better than the one before?"  As long as that answer is "yes"  OR you are learning from the experience then you are making progress. Build it, fly it, learn from it and build the next one better. There will always be critics. Keep in mind EVERY ONE of those critics only knows what you've told them and they've only seen what you've shown them.  Ignore the critics and listen to your own self evaluation. Send your kite to a friend who's flying you respect and ask them for their honest opinion. You don't owe anyone anything and I personally am very glad you've started this adventure. I've had a blast and you are on the same path.. Keep it up. Your first one looks far more professional than my first one. I had no pattern and no Rev or other Hadziki Wing to base my design on.  Every kite you make has something to teach you. Not every one will be your showcase kite. I look at a few of my early efforts and wonder how they flew at all. FWIW, I still have my first mesh made from tails.. DUCT TAPE reinforcements and all..   As for the design and a little sag, you'll be surprised at how forgiving the sail design is. Finish it up, try it out and learn what it looks like and acts like from 90' away when it's backlit by the sun.. A little sag or a stitch mistake won't show from there. Be willing to make mistakes, you'll learn something new from each and every one of them.    
    • Keeping mesh square is really hard. I should've bound the leading edge when I originally taped it out. Live and learn, it's my first time sewing a kite. Lay off I'm not bazzer. Is this why riff gives me most of his tips in a pm?
    • I've got enough framing and parts to build 4. Next 2 will be dynemma bonded ultralights. Probably a 1.5 and b2. Might have enough fabric to do a Zen size instead of the B2. Can't find a Zen sized plan anywhere.
    • And you wanted to use the other fabric?!?!  Give it a try. Don't like, fix it!