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    • Equalize from a stake, not the kite. Yes, all 4 should be as close as possible to the same length. The leaders don't count in "equalizing", except as a quick fix in the field. I usually equalize with my handles off, but some leave them on. Never trust what you see setting up - use a stake instead.
    • Trust me, if I had any I could send, I would!!
    • Yes, it does help get the kites up quickly. Exactly how intentional it is, or if it was originally a quirk that they merely left in place after finding the usefulness, is sometimes debated. If your goal is selling kites, if your goal is to get beginners to get a kite to launch without much skill, then it is effective.  If you're going to sell them to people who won't have experienced guides and will have to struggle with it on their own, it removes one potential problem of ensuring the kite has sufficient pitch. Low wind takes experience and skill.  You could probably find a good balance point on the short leaders if someone needed to, it just wouldn't be a comfortable grip.  Shorter lines, 30 foot, 20, foot, or even indoor lengths are probably more important. Consider that even with well-adjusted lines and leaders it can take many hours (across multiple flying days) before beginners can fly in very light winds. I don't know if they could even be called beginners any more at that point.  
    • Lon, Don't worry about hijacking....just send me some wind and we will be even.  No wind in Houston lately....guess i have to drive down to the coast.....Or I was thinking about buying 4 of those big fans from Sam's club and setting them to high, angle two up and two down, getting some 20' lines and going for it.   That might be a cool video JB could make... For you pros. Another question....My bottom lines seem super slack.  Lines are about 1/2" shorter on the bottom than top.  I know someone said make sure all lines are same length but Im waiting on JB leaders...Shipped yesterday....With the handles that come without adjustment from REV is that just a function of 'full drive" to get new flyers in the air....Seems like a detriment to me flying in low wind?
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