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    • Hello everyone, my name is Larry and its a pleasure to meet everyone. 51 years and I live in Las Vegas. And i am a newbee Im a disabled veteran so i have a lot of time for kites. The wind in this town. Lets just say its not like the wind you get at the beach my first kite i bought about a year ago at savors. Does anyone no the model of this kite? I know its made by X-Kites. I know this because of the worn down tag

      Plus the other day the leading edge rods got crushed. A friend of mine kinda backed up on them flying a kite. My fault for laying it down behind him. Never will do that again. What im trying to ask is. Is there a way to repair these rods plus i don’t think that these rods came with the kite originally. Being on a fixed income i cant afford a beautiful expensive kite and the rods seem to be up there in prices. If any one can comment i would be very much appreciated to the max. I really like this kite. Just started to get stalls down and i really wAnt to move up on the trick skills got to love it.

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    • Color names don't always seem to be well defined for the purples. Some seem to have multiple common names. I took a picture of Eliot's color sample sheet for purple/pink when I visited to have a reference for deciding the colors for my mesh. There are some with scribbled out names and another name next to it. I'm not going to post it because I don't know if he wants it on the internet. According to this sheet, the dark one is plum and the light one is grape (has lavender scratched out, but I feel it's commonly referred to as lavender anyway). The one that's a bit more red looks more like berry to me, but there's also a color called wine, so it could be that. I'm not sure what the two purples with rectangular grids are; Eliot's sheet doesn't have rectangular grids. Also, the two look the same to me over the computer, and seem pretty close to the current color called purple.  Plum is pretty dark, but you can definitely tell it's not black without being backlit. The 3 purples in my Revs (and probably most Revs with a purple fade) are plum, purple, and grape.  I can't wait to see what riffclown comes up with too. 
    • Oh, I should have posted this a while ago...  I've been pretty busy at work, and forgot to get this posted. 

      Under the tips of the tails that tall white building is the Marina Hotel in Yantai.  It's an abandoned hotel that overlooks the Yellow Sea.  

    • I’m in.

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    • I want to say "Thanks!"  I got a package in the mail at work.  It arrived in great condition (a tremendous surprise, China Post has a poor track record with my packages). I'm planning on a Double French Military Delta now.