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    • I just pulled out both of my ITW Hydra and Kymera kites to see if I can see your concern. I got mine earlier this year so they may be of similar vintage to yours. As between the two kites, at least for me, the Hydra is certainly the more taut when assembled. However, I was able to assemble it without too much difficulty, and did not seem excessive compared to other kites I have. If concerned, using just the loop as you describe might be a good temporary solution pending the kite stretching out a tad after a few flights. One point to mention: the Hydra has a leech line going through the hem of the trailing edges, whereas my Kymera does not. This will result in some additional tension, potentially. Unlike some kites, the leech line does not appear to be adjustable on the ITW Hydra, so one cannot back it off. (The Kymera is the louder kite of the two in my experience, due, at least in part, to the lack of such leech line I expect.) Perhaps go over the kite again to make sure there are no excessive pressure points such as the spine not properly snugged in the nose pocket or obstructions in the standoff connector holes. Relaxing the velcro at the base of the spine (not too much) may help somewhat -- but not enough that the cross T at the base becomes too loose. The leading edges should also be snug into the nose and completely seated at the ferrule joints. I didn’t measure the length of my standoffs, but that could also be an issue. Perhaps post up yours for comparison with others if there is still an issue. Hope that helps a bit. Both nice kites! .
    • DEcided to go ahead and finish the bag while I wait for the answer..
    • Both my Kymera and Hydra were really tight. I had to slide the loop closer to the nock before I attached the line thru the nock. Haven’t flown the Hydra much yet but my Kymera is pretty tight and I store it in the bag with tension on the wing tips. Still flys great just saves me from fighting it every time I fly it.

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    • I tell what was really cool [emoji41] at the clinic John was calling tricks out and Paul did one after another for several minutes. A couple times Paul said no, and then did the tricks anyways. I hope they put on another duel line clinic next year so I can take my boy again. We learned a ton and continue to improve now. Breezin maybe with the Mind Trick you would have a chance but only if they were flying with kites made of trash bags and coat hangers. We would love to see you show up and one of the clinics or a festival here in the PNW Pacific Northwest.

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    • Picked up the Hydra and Kymera, that's a great price. (Thanks for pointing out the Into the Wind promotional discount in the other discussion). On my first assembly and inspection, the Kymera feels fine but the Hydra sail feels extremely tight. I couldn't lock the loop around the wingtip nock from the tension, it didn't feel safe to do more than put it through the loop and hook the loop over the nock rather than pull it through to the knot. The first side's standoffs were tight, but I needed to balance out the sail material to put the second set of standoffs in. The tension is greater than any other kite I own, even the indoors that were my former tightest kites. I can still assemble the kite, but there's not a single storage-wrinkle left in the sail. I double-checked that none of the fittings were only partially installed, everything seemed proper just very tight. Is that much sail tension normal for the Hydra? I'm concerned if setting up is enough to stretch out the sail, or if this is typical for the first few flights.