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    • Is May 1st when this ended?  Always wanted a Jam Session.  
    • I'm back from my weekend trip.  I used an adidas Unisex Utility Wheeled Bat Bag with my OSKUSA Quad Kite Roll-Up Bag inside.  I had to cut out one of the inside pockets of the bat bag in order to be able to fit the quad bag inside, and it just barely fits lengthwise. I packed my other clothes and gear loose around the quad bag.  I packed for three days, but I easily could have fit twice the clothes or more.  Next time I might try some internal stuff sacks or bags like what JB mentioned in the old post I referenced, because by the time I got to Long Beach, my clothes were sort of jumbled all over the place.  Not a big deal, just a little annoyance. When loaded, the bag won't stand up on its own.  If I needed to stand it up, I had to turn it around and lean it against something to keep the wheels off the ground.  Other than that, I was happy with it. I checked the bag; it wouldn't work as a carry-on. 
    • actualy frob Fulcrum is having a lot more foward drive than bowtie shape, the glide must be controlled better than a regular Rex witch have the gravity center closer to leading edge. Fulcrom need to be controlled ALL the time, any slack line will make the kite to react becouse of the simetrical shape also the wind is not create that "bely" like Rev and that is making him to pull stronger. Any thing you do with Rev you may do with Fulcrum and even more, the shape of the kite is eliminate completly " the walk of shame" and on acrobatics you may perform the turtle withaut to crash ore lose control witch for Rev you need the right wind conditions and many many houres of training just for that. Is mi opinion 
    • It is different.   I've tried them at events, but never spent the money for owning my own.   Not because I haven't put it in my virtual shopping cart enough times, but because when it comes to actually slapping down the money I've decided to prioritize other kites above it.  They're fun, but not my type of fun. It still maneuvers, it is still controlled in basically the same way. It has less forward drive. The Fulcrum doesn't glide as well, nor side-slide as well. While it is precise, it also feels like it has less stable flight. In some regards it is similar to the difference in dual lines between a freestyle trick kite versus a solid straight team flier. That's good if you're looking to do acrobatic tricks, something the Hadzicki wing doesn't have many of. I've seen people do all kinds of acrobatics that look more like dual line freestyle tricks than quad line flying. As you are close enough to actually fly with other owners, I recommend you ask to try theirs. Then you can see the flavor and see if you enjoy it or not.
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