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    • There is both. This was a topic about cameras, which I also happen to do a lot with. For camera equipment, the question to ask is: What is holding you back?  Usually the answer is not gear, it is time behind the camera and time spent studying photos that have been taken.  There are plenty of challenges where a skilled professional photographer is given mediocre equipment or even trashy equipment and asked to produce what they can. The skilled professional can produce great results even on poor quality equipment.  However, if you gave a $20,000 camera rig to a novice the visual quality may be amazing but the composition and other elements will still be novice quality.   In regard to that specific equipment for @Mutani, they're all good and unlikely to hold the person back. They won't produce the same quality as high-end gear, but none of it is bad equipment.   The same with kites, the question to ask is: What is holding you back?  For people in this forum the answer usually is not gear, most of us have a bag or two with kites for a wide range of conditions. Low wind, high wind, even no wind or indoors, the equipment is there.  Similarly, usually the thing holding us back is more time in the air, and time spent critically reviewing our current results.  As for ability in this field, there are professionals in kites where I think we could tie a rock to a string and they'd find a way to make it fly gracefully through the air, with just a bit of legwork. 
    • The pattern in the center of this one will be the panel.. No accents on this one except for the stitching... The pattern is busy enough I want to keep it completely clean..
    • A lightning bolt maybe?? Or 2 ??
    • It almost comes across as denim like. Neon green or yellow 1/2 inch outlined bird wings in the center would pop. Maybe bright red or sky blue.Not like the Phoenix but a thin outline that goes edge to edge.Seagull? The Air Force insignia on the one kite was super cool.10 miles to the SSE of me is a military proving grounds. The Air Force Academy cadets fly past my place often for training. When out flying and they come past I'm reminded of that kite quite a lot. Makes me smile.Hey eyeballs always look cool too LOL.
    • I must agree with Breezin. Shooting gold nuggets from a platinum slingshot won't help you hit the target. But I will state that there is a point where a less capable kite will hinder one's progress, but one must first reach that level. If that level is not achieved or not desired, better equipment will only make it less of a challenge and less desirable. In other words, you have to want it to make it happen. Some people are happy doing circles and figure eights, and that's perfectly fine if they are happy with it. The need for more comes from the heart, not the equipment.