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Discuss Polo's unique Revo Painting artwork.

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    • Kite Shoppe uses LPG bridle line and pulls out the core to make sleeves. You can make those short sets with no sleeves, just add a knot to the loop for undoing a larkshead. I use an old Shanti Spleever for sleeving. A guitar high "E" string works too. Just fold it in half and away you go! Others have used floral wire!
    • I dunnit! Cut down my first set of lines, ever. another newbie journey's first. ^^ Little fumbles: - no measuring tape longer than 33feet.
      wanted to make a 50ft lineset, measured 30ft, marked the lines, and then plus 20ft, marked the lines for 50ft, then plus 1ft, marked it again for sleeve. - no proper sleeving tool
      o m g this was the headache. but i figured it out.
      3 out of the 4 lines, thank you Mr.Barresi for the Equilizing Lines video, it came to play here so valuable knowledge I never thought I would need this seriously. Untied the knots on the sleeves, grabbed the line that poked out the other end to prevent it from slipping back into the sleeve. Phew. Did this for the 3 lines, slid the sleeve down 70ft of line to my 50ft mark I made before. Then the 4th and last line, was cut already (about 2ft in) from group flying previously. So the sleeve was separated from the "main line" and I could not employ the slip-n-slide trick done for the previous 3 lines.  I first tried larksheading the broken line end to each other, thinking I could pull the line through the sleeve this way (like holding hands!). The resulting knot was too big to squeeze through the sleeve :l Scrambled through all my hobby kits at home to find some kind of wire, long and thin enough for the sleeve. Best I could find was rubber-insulated wire. Skinny enough, smooth enough, to shimmy through the sleeve. But that got real messy real fast. Rubber-insulated wires are actually a bunch of tiny wires twisted or clumped tightly together then wrapped or packed tightly in the rubber insulation. Rubber started slipping fast and the tiny wires started poking through everywhere the sleeve, knotting the sleeve braids up. UGH. So I tried super gluing the rubber wire tip, no more slip, smooth point tip, excellent! No, didn't work, glue still tore and little tiny wires got all pokey again. I tried a paper clip next, too fat. Then I found bread wire, the kind of short twisty wire they use to bundle your new cables with. Stripped it and used that inner wire, perfect, skinny enough and smooth single wire pointed tip. Made a loop at one end of the wire for the kite line to be threaded through.  But that loop made a sharp tip pointing up, snags the braids on the sleeve again as I tried to thread through the sleeve. Sigh. So close yet so far. Used tape to tape down that loop, smoothing out the little wire's profile.   Voila.  Threaded the line all the way through the sleeve with the bread wire.   All 4 lines cut and sleeved, went out to test fly and all went great. 50ft didn't seem short enough after all, I was picturing an even shorter set. Still have like 60ish ft remaining line after cutting 50ft, going to make a 30ft and 20ft and 10ft from it. Where do I buy kite sleeving from? What's the one LPG or KiteShoppe uses? Great tip for other newbies, watch JB's tutorial videos! Never know when it'll come in handy! Thanks for reading, til next time ((:
    • Curious who all is going to LBI Fly in October. I booked my hotel room for the 4-day weekend last night! Super Stoked!!!     Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
    • My own experiences with foils are limited to the three foils I own. Hopefully there is some new angle to your choice of foil to be found in the below text. I guess it can be seen as a lengthy way of saying that quad line foils (QLF?) also can be fun: Peter Lynn 5m2 Peel quad foil. At the time, soon 20 years ago, I was much into learning to handle (framed) DLKs and the size and absence of tricking possibilities made it feel like a large mattress with brakes. Did some limited traction on skies. Yes, the comparison to trick kites was unfair, this foil was a tool of traction that also (obviously) could be used by a rookie. A small budget two line foil with very poor flight properties. It easily collapse, kind of pulsates when flying forward and is only stable and begins to pull in a tight spin. A better than nothing kite. Spider Kites 1.1 m2 Smithi pro. Sold as an extra controllable foil, including reverse flight. Can more or less be operated in two modes. You can fly it like a QLK or forget about the QLK thing and let go of the wrist control and fly it like a DLK with decent cornering (feels speedy then, but I have not much to compare it to). Some differences from a Rev(-like) perspective: It is (after not so many hours) in my hands less precise (but then compared to Revs I have only used it a fraction of the time) and demands much active input if you want to somewhat approach the preciseness of a Rev. I also get a collapsing wingtip when side sliding upwards. It also behaves somewhat differently when pulling back your arms to power up the sail. Otherwise I believe that the similarities are there so that QLK control can be learned on it (without breaking spars). If flown like a DLK (no reconfiguration of the kite – just how you use it) it can be flown just by left/right pulling without much thought (none) on how to angle the handles just having the handles in neutral with loose wrists. For that type of turn it is easier to control than a Rev. Though I’ve done several comparisons to Revs there are other properties to explore. E.g., I got two kites that I can do bouncing reverse landings/takeoffs My HQ Maestrale (due to some flexing glass fibre battens when 2 point landing) and my Smithi pro (both designed by Christoph Fokken btw). A bouncing landing takeoff is clearly not something you would like to attempt with a Rev. I’d say my Smithi pro is the most fun foil of the above ones – controllable and with some pleasant pull in non-light winds, but have not tried any other foils than the above ones. If you intend to use your new foil on a beach a couple of times per year and have no intention to move on to (framed) QLKs then it would be easier to go with a two line foil, handling only one pair of lines. On the other hand if you like to learn both DLK left/right control (obviously without duali tricks) and QLK control, Smithi Pro could be an option (and looking on the above text I do realize that it was a bit pro Smithi ).