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    • "own your hover"  Work on an inch above the ground and inverted too.  Practice landing on a trash can and eventually work you way down to a can of pop-sized objective.  Ideally?, you are one of us when you can land that quad into my outstretched hand! Insure you equipment is properly tuned, even and neutral.  The handles should balance (with neither forward or reverse flight happening) on one finger of each hand.  Find your own balance point to insure your personal comfort. "don't squeeze that angry cobra, instead you're holding a baby chick in your grasp" kids are more fun than adults to teach lessons to, letting go of the handles on a Zen with a 5 year old now in control alone? Priceless!
    • Four days to go and here is the list for RNG: 1. @DTill The kite is already boxed and will ship as soon as I have the address of the lucky winner. My local Post Office closes at noon on Saturdays, so I will conduct the drawing by 10 AM local time in the hope of getting the kite shipped the same day. Good luck to the entrants 😁. 
    • After many years with my faithful Prism Snapshot 1.8, I've noticed a fair amount of sand in the sewn channel in the trailing edge. Are there any special techniques to remove said sand?
    • Thanks for the info.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an inexpensive upgrade.  I am brand new to quads and I will admit, I am having a hard time getting it off the ground.  I have watched John B's tutorial several times, but I'm doing something wrong.  Seems it should be a little easier. Thanks again.
    • Your funny and I enjoy reading your posts!!  And I mean that respectfully!! Right now I am just sitting here wishing that the wind would pick up a bit so I could get out and try flying.  Perhaps in another hour or so.  I have not even pulled the Widow NG out of it's bag yet as I have been playing with the hydra, but suppose I should just to see what it is like. If I were to get a Wolf NG, it would be from Jon T at kites and fun things since they seem to have the best price on the kite.  But then you mention the addiction, so I will give it a bit of thought since I will only get one right now and I leaning towards the Wolf. Perhaps I can drop a hint to the wife regarding a TICA for Christmas.  And I know what you are saying, if she knew how many I have recently purchased, I could possibly be sleeping with them😉  I don't really have that many, but several new ones in the last month or two. What part of the country do you fly in? I sure hope someone will scratch that itch!!  
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