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    • I can understand that.. I also understand it's necessary to some extent.. Just getting stir crazy wanting to fly kites. Other than bridle tests, I haven't really been able to fly since early Feb..
    • I haven't bought a kite in a very long time. Last kite I bought was one of the first production Djinns. (and I do mean extrelmely early production) Other than that, I make everything I want or need. I flew one of the early Kaijus back when we had JB visit us in Corolla. I have dozens of kites and some which have not graced these pages due to the design being unique and I don't want to share those particular ideas. I'm exclusively 4 line and not  fan of indoor but I did enjoy some serene time with a single line glider JB let me try. All of that being said, a shortage of kites is not my issue. Not being able to fly the ones I want to fly is the issue. Changes of me buying kites right now, nearly zero. Kite parts 100%..
    • Well the only solution to your dilemma is to buy a few more kites.......SERIOUSLY!!! 0 wind glider kites....there ya go. There are a great variety of them and you can fly anywhere from your living room to where you do your bridle testing..... Mr. Barresi also has a fine small dualie that doesn`t need much room...etc etc There were folks who made mini revs many moons ago....some probably still do. I used to have some decas as well....I`m mentioning this because of your kite making skills pix/vidz. I am extremely fortunate in my kite "field" only succumbs to tides, however those ocean breezes are not sometimes.... More often than not these daze rather than an sul Rev (1 or 1.5) or a sul dualie I`ll put up a no wind glider kite.... I also (used) to tour with iFlite kites to get my kite fix. It`s cool to be able to put a kite into a drumstick bag!!! So there ya go.....buy some more kites...!!! bt  
    • The Governor of NC extended phase 2 of COVID  restrictions until July 17.  Lots of plans had to be postponed or canceled.
    • The Wright Festival next weekend is going to be virtual..
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