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    • Quite a few models have them. The Rev is an exception at its price point, nearly everything at that cost is adjustable.  For single and dual line kites it is the way to adjust the pitch, giving faster or slower flight, more or less forward drive. A quick adjustment for strong or weak winds changes the feel, letting you match the conditions.  Adjustable knots can also change the distribution of force. This is what most quad bridle adjustments do.  Visually a few millimeters is not much, but on the kite it can be enough to destabilize flight, or to turn an okay flier into an amazing flier. You can slow down the kite for a gentle relaxing cruise, or crank it up to racing speeds and twitchy control. 
    • Great tip Rob! I've gotta try that the next time out with stacks. Aside from the great info already mentioned here, I'd just like to add that making the stack lines equal lengths can be critical for most Dual-Line and Quad-Line kites. If the winds are smooth, the kites are the right distance apart, sails/frames are in good shape; and you still get a little wobble....your stack lines could be a little off. My Neutrino 3-stack did some violent wobbling upon it's 2nd launch (gusty day+newbie silliness) and I discovered that one of the stack line hooks had managed to attach itself to the upper spreader instead of the leading edge which shortened that line about 10mm. This was very hard to control I've since replaced the hooks with pigtails+looped lines which works wonderfully.
    • Breezin, I find a lot of what your describing about your Mind Trick applies to the Tica as well. It is much easier to get the Tica onto it's back when using forward momentum as opposed to from a stall or off the ground. But once I get it back, it sits back very deep and makes for almost effortless back spins. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using KiteLife mobile app
    • OMG, I feel and probably am just old and dumb, but I wondered what the purpose of the extra bridle knots was. It never occurred to me that you would adjust the bridle, but with all the other DJINN innovations, why not! In addition to flying more, I need to read more.
    • 1) Thanks to JB for posting, Watty who apparently made the video, and everyone who has added ideas. I am doing my old, original Rev handles today which I rarely use since I prefer my second, longer snag less set. However, nice to have backup and if I ever get my grand kids interested, they can start on the shorts. 2) Shame on Rev for leaving those nasty burrs. One of mine measured 3/32".  3) To get the end cap soff over the above burrs, I closed a small adjustable plastic jawed clamp to just slide over the tube, then used it to apply pushing pressure to the end cap to slide it off. This left a nice mark on the inside of the cap which I guess won't hurt anything, but it's just sloppy work.
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