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Discuss Polo's unique Revo Painting artwork.

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    • Thank you for the words of encouragement. I feel like I'm on a kite-less island surrounded by Kites I can't fly.
    • Cheer up man, we're all bummed that all the festivals are cancelled. I feel the same.  Most of the places where I fly locally are locked up. I try to make the most of it flying at the sports complexes when theyre not busy, but they've started soccer and softball back up so it's kinda a bust now. I'm glad I got to go to the South Padre Island Festival before all the shutdowns. I met up with my parents "that are winter Texans" for SPI and introduced them to Team kitelife. I'm glad they got to see how great the kite community is and why this is a thing we all love. I took the trip for granted at the time, but now I'm glad I got the chance to introduce more people to kites. In this time of isolation, I enjoy the virtual festivals and the positively they convey. I think many people need to connect. All of your builds and posts are an inspiration and positive motivation for all of the people on this forum. You've created your own virtual festival in the kite making thread. Your the man!  A little video from last weekend , flying under my super sled. 106571100_743926473078517_1050382748096352119_n (1).mp4
    • I am thinking of purchasing a Level One Badass, has anyone had any experience of this kite, good or bad.
    • There is no joy in a virtual kite festival for those that don't do social media..  I just found out one of my favorite events will be "virtual"   I didn't even bother to ask why. Can't even bring myself to care about it. Further, my usual flying fields are off limits to me right now. I understand social distancing and I'm in a higher risk group. But kite Flying outdoors is generally pretty well distanced. I detest Facebook and I'm not willing to give my personal information to them. That is why I'm not there. Same answer pretty much for the other social platforms. So my entire kite season is a bust.. I have 17 kites in my bag that no one outside of Kitelife and a few select friends have really even seen. I've done bridle tests but except for the swirling field and under the trees they've never really flown. Only one other event on my calendar this year and I'll have to work that weekend so no joy there..Probably won't happen anyway, it's outdoors and who wants fresh air any more.    
    • Here's a link to Carl Robertshaw's video called Flying Techniques. Covers a lot of ground and lots of helpful tips in all aspects of kiting. The last hour or so there are some really nice explainations of what the kite is doing during tricks. It's interesting to see that perspective and compare to videos showing hand movements.  Long video, but well worth watching! 👍
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